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Today I will share with you my Pro-Hero ranking. Mine is really different than the manga ranking, not just talking about Endeavor being number 1, those of you who read the manga knows what I’m talking about. For the anime watcher, I think the ranking will be include at the end of season 4, if not you will have to wait for season 5. If you don’t want character or story spoiler (mostly character), you should stop reading now.


10th Position – Ingenium

Ingenium, Tensei Iida
© Bones
We haven’t have the chance to really see Ingenium, Iida Tensei, in action, but I’m pretty sure he was a great pro-hero before he get attacked by the Hero Killer Stain, not cause of how his younger brother, Tenya, talk about him, but cause of the flashback we see of him with his brother, Tensei was a upright young man who didn’t deserved
9th Position – Ryukyu

© Horikoshi Kouhei
Ryuko Tatsuma, the Dragoon Hero Ryukyu really hold up her name since she can transform into a big dragon (pretty cool right), the fact that Ryukyu can turn into a dragon is not the only reason why she is on the list, she did a lot during a big mission (to the anime viewer, wait and see season 4) I have to say that looking at the ranking, I think she should have be higher on that list. There is so questionable hero on that list that shouldn’t have be higher than her
8th Position – Endeavor

© Bones
In the actual ranking he is the current number 1, but I have to say that while Endeavor his a great hero, he is not the best human being on Earth, he will not win the price of father of the year anytime soon even after that attempt at redemption. The reason why is he on my list is : 1- he is a sexy daddy, 2 – After the attack that almost killed him he did realize all his wrong doing and he now try to act like he should have always had and give actual tip to Shouto (even if the later doesn’t really give a shit and leave him a “read”). I know all this will never fix all the bad thing he did, I mean his eldest son run away (it’s my guess since we never saw him) but it’s a step in the right direction. To all the Endeavor hater, if you hate him but forgive Bakugo you are just a bunch of hypocrite.
7th Position – Wild Wild Pussycat

Wild Wild Pussycat
© Bones
A list of pro-hero wouldn’t be complete without the Wild Wild Pussy Cat, this hero team proved themselves when the League of Villains attack the summer camp, they are also great teacher!
6th Position – Miruko

© Horikoshi Kouhei
She is the bunny hero, sound cute right? But don’t let you fool by this cause Mikro will definitely kick your butt, Mirko is really athletic and have a strong muscular build. I have t say the main reason why I added to that list it’s cause I like her general attitude, she is similar to Ms. Joke.
5th Position – Sir Nighteyes

Sir Nighteye
© Bones
I’m ready to spoil a lot of thing regarding My Hero Academia, but not when it come to Sir Nighteyes, so the only thing I will say is that I’m still salty about the fact that he didn’t had an honorable mention in the ranking…it doesn’t say anything but it’s still say a lot.
4th Position – Best Jeanist

Best Jeanist
© Bones
It would be totally dumb to not include a hero who was ready to sacrifice himself to save a fellow pro. As far I really tried to not give major spoiler, but I will tell you here to rassassure some of you that might have be worried about his fate, he is not dead..yet.
3rd Position – Fat Gum

© Horikoshi Kouhei
There is a lot of reason why I’m excited for the 4th season of My Hero Academia and Fat Gum is one of those reason. I just loved him in the manga and I can’t wait to see him animated.With everything that happened he would totally have deserved a place in the top 10 of the manga…
2nd Position – Hawks

Hawks, manga
©Horikoshi Kouhei
Hawks is one of the most interesting character of the series and I will not say more about him cause I really want to let you meet the one who want to change the hero system
1st Position – All Might

all might, anime
All Might is not number 1 on my list cause he was the former number 1, he is number one cause of everything he did and he worked hard to get where he was. There is a reason why Endeavor wasn’t able to reach the same level as All Might, All Might always made sure to save and win, not only win.



So this was my own pro-hero ranking, for those of you who reach the end of this post hope you enjoyed it!
Know I want to know who is/are your favorite pro-hero, let me know in the comment section below!

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