Moriarty the Patriote volume 4 cover
Illustration © Hikaru Miyoshi – Story © Ryosuke Takeuchi




Hello everyone!

Hope you are all going great in this Tuesday.

Not sure of how it will go, how consistent it will be, but I will try to post my impressions of manga that I read (in physical copy only) volume by volume. I will try to keep the spoilers as minimum as possible.

I already posted my first impression on the series a few weeks ago, you can read the post here.

I will not go through in detail what happened in the first three volumes, we meet the main cast and the antagonist (I would like to say villain but I feel weird calling Sherlock Holmes villain) and we get an idea of what Moriarty wants to do.

Now the characters are introduced, the fourth volumes seems to be where we will start to have the background story of the different character surrounding the Morarty brothers. Of course we still don’t know how James and Louis was in an orphanage, maybe one day we will know.

In this volume, we are told Sebastien Moran background story and it’s a pretty tragic one, no wonder he hates the noble now and he will hate them more after. I don’t want to say too much about it but what happen give us the explanation why he is considered as death by some.

Moriarty the Patriot volume 4 scan
Illustration © Hikaru Miyoshi – Story © Ryosuke Takeuchi

Since the MI6 is included in the series (Albert is the head of the MI6 great isn’t it?) we need to have our own “Q” and it’s in this volume we are introduced to him, seems like an interesting character, he permanently wear a blindfold, did he lost his eyesight or he is just an eccentric, who knows. There is also Miss Moneypenny that was an MI5 agent but became an MI6 agent and swear loyalty to James.

So the first part of the volume is a mission and it’s kind of linked to Moran background story and once the mission is over we are back in England with Sherlock who really want to find that “Prince of Crimes” . The volume ends on a murder in a train and Sherlock propose to William to compete against each other about who will find the killer first until Watson appear covered with blood, the doctor seems to be the prime suspect.

Moriarty the Patriot volume 4 scan
Illustration © Hikaru Miyoshi – Story © Ryosuke Takeuchi


So volume four finish in on the beginning of a case, I figure volume 5 will see the conclusion of it. Looking forward to it even if I’m pretty sure Watson will be cleared of everything. The blood on him will probably be explained by the fact that he tries to treat the victim.

Do you follow the series ? Did you read volume 4?

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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