Hello Everyone, hope you are all going good in this Thursday

As you can see by the title, I’m planning a project, which will be a long term one.

Music is always part of my daily life, I feel empty if I don’t have my musical dose and the end of the day and we all know how music is important in anime.

This is why I decide to put together an Anime Music Award. The real event gonna be hold next year, 2020, but I need to start it now since this away will be base on your nominations and later your vote.

The reason on why I decided to start it now is simple, there is two categories that will be flooded with nomination : Anime Opening of the Years, and Anime Ending of the Years, since I want one entry for each season, the nomination and voting need to be held all through the years.

The Spring season just ended, the Summer season is starting, it is now time for you to send me your nominations for the Best Anime Opening of the Winter and Spring eason. You can either give me your nomination in the comment section or on Twitter (Direct Message or Tagging).

The only rules for the nomination is that the opening and the ending need to have be heard for the 1st time during the Winter and Spring season 2019. Example if an anime began airing in Fall 2018 and continue over Winter 2019 but have only one opening and/or ending it cannot be nominated, however if they change the opening and/or ending for the second part it can be nominated.

The nomination period will last until the end of the month of July. Only the four (4) opening and ending (for each season) with the most nomination will pass to the voting round.

Hope a lot of you will participate, feel free to spread the word around!

~ Thank you for Reading ~

7 thoughts on “Anime Music Award Announcement 1 and Nomination Time (Winter/Spring)

  1. I’m late because I didn’t know what to nominate for the longest time, but for ED I’d nominate Stand by Me (Sarazanmai) for the spring and for winter OPs I pick Rise (Shield Hero). They’re the only two that have stuck with me until now, so I’m afraid for the spots I haven’t nominated stuff for, I just don’t have an answer.

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