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Hello everyone hope you are all going good in this Sunday!

Nothing really excited happen this week, really nothing. I would like to tell you my life is super interesting, but it’s really not. Still playing sims as always. I now I have Island Living and the new update with the 350 door swatch. I began to build a house, but for some reason my game keep crashing. So I have to uninstall my game and all pack and reinstall everything fun time it took at least 3hrs. Now I just have to download my save game back.


Don’t forget to send your nomination for your favorite anime opening and anime ending for the Winter and Spring season, you have until the end of the month to send them. This project cannot work without you ! If I don’t receive any nomination it gonna be hard to carry with this project.

Wish you all to have a great week !!

~ Thank you for Reading ~

3 thoughts on “Mel in Anime Land Diary | Year 2, Week 43

  1. Well nothing wrong with playing sims is there? We all need some time to relax to things, especially since live is often very busy😅 I hope the upcoming week will be a good one for you. As for sending in fave opening and endings, I have seen very little seasonal anime because of my hiatus, but I do plan to watch a lot of stuff the upcoming weeks 😅
    Take care, and have a great week! 😊

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