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Clue Collab: Fan-Favorite Froppy Found Frigid

Hello Everyone! Hope you are all going great today.
Today’s post is a very special post and it’s part of a collaboration including KawaiiPaperpanda, Alexie the Great, Scott from Mechanical Anime Review, Auri from Manga Toritsukareru Koto and Crimson from Read at Night. As the title suggest, we are doing a Clue anime edition, for more information and to read the first part of the collaboration click here.

After finishing up questioning Glass in the principal’s office, I walked to the library to meet a very curious vampire,Ferid Bathory who was waiting for me in the library. On my way, I stopped to look at the victim Tsuyu Asui again, her body was now recovered by a white plastic sheet, to protect her lifeless body. The forensic team was still retrieving samples and evidences around the crime scene. Despite all the wounds, we still couldn’t find out how that future promising pro-hero was killed in this dark hallway of UA Academy and it was now our duty to find that out. Finding how the victim was killed and maybe we could find why? Why someone would kill this young lady who seemed to be loved by everyone around her? This murder didn’t made any sense, it look free and I was more determined to find who committed this atrocious act.

I continued on my way to the library; opening the door my eyes meet with red crimson eyes. The man standing in front of me had long silver hair nicely dressed, dressed like a nobleman from another time and at his waist a sword was resting in its scabbard.


Seeing that I was examining his weapon, Mr. Bathory smile showing his white canine; “Pretty isn’t it? I have this beauty since centuries and I always make sure to keep it sharp” he told me as a greeting.


At this point we still don’t know how that poor lady was killed and we needed to look at all possibilities. But before that I needed to know where was that mysterious man when the murder happened and why a vampire like him was here in a school of future Hero.

“Want to see my sword? Yeah sure, I don’t mind at all, you can call your team to take sample too if you want. I hide nothing to hide … at least from you.”

While the team was examining Mr. Bathory sword, I began questioning first, why was he here and where was he when the young lady was killed.

“I would like to tell you why I am here Detective, but I just can’t, I don’t know either why I received this invitation from All Might. Why the number one hero would invite a noble vampire as myself in this school filled with fresh blood? I accepted, not because I was thirsty, but because I was curious to know more about how humans were living now. You know I was a human like you before, but I was transformed many centuries ago by a twisted man who decide to abandon be like we abandon a toy we doesn’t want anymore…”

A shadow passed on Mr. Bathory milky white face, the vampire seems sad, but he looked at me and flashed his white teeth.

“And this is why I’m curious into knowing how humans live now, maybe I will find him and have a word or two with him, now regarding your second question about where I was when the murder happen, I was here in the library, going through the book. Book are truly fascinating. So much information can be contained within their pages; years and years of history about how the world changed and came to be the way it is now, following the human evolution and the technology created by them. Reading books of a certain era, text books, fiction, any kind of books, is the best way to know how people were living during that time. You know Detective, I’m not originate from here, I’m coming from Europe and everything about Asia and Japan is incredible, I really want to know more about your beautiful country. So I was sitting in the arms chair over there reading books on the great history of Japan all night, it’s not like I have to sleep anyway. I did hear people walking in the hallway, several peoples. I think one of them was that blond young man…hmmm I think his name was Frau…Zehel, he was walking around with his scythe ..What you didn’t see any scythe the first time you met him, I was sure I saw one in his hand …Scythe or not, I have to say it was more stomping than walking and his boots make a wierd nose compared to the other.. He seemed quite agitated, I saw him arguing with the old man wearing a trench coat, Quint? Quent…yes Quent earlier when I came here. Two really stubborn men if you want my opinion. I saw that poor girl, trying to stop them and Frau..Zehel, sorry really can’t remember his name, looked at her with a really dark look in the eyes. I wonder how someone can look at someone this adorable with those kind of eyes. He really didn’t seemed happy to be interrupted …sadly I can’t remember how the other man reacted, I think he just shrugged a walk away from the blond hot-headed. After being interrupted, the blond man stomped out of the room to go to the hallway saying he was hungry, I guess he headed to the Cafeteria.. “

Two men were arguing and when Ms Asui try to stop them. One of the two men give her a dark look. I needed to know what they were arguing about.

“What they did talk about while arguing? Good question, it seemed to have started before I even get to the academy, maybe the grumpy old man said something the blond one didn’t like. You should question the others who were here before me, maybe they will have the answer to your question.

Hope you don’t mind asking Detective but … how Ms. Asui was killed? Oh you can’t answer that question since the investigation is still going. Fair enough excuse my curious self for asking.”

Mr. Bathory is curious about how the young lady was killed, only the murdered knows how since we still haven’t disclose the information regarding that. With the amount of blood that was covering the floor, I wonder if he could have just be thirsty and decide to attack her, maybe he was drawn by the smell of blood.

“Was I draw by the smell of the blood? I would be lying if I say no, I’m a vampire and I’m feeding on blood, but I like fresh blood, the blood I draw out of body by planting my fangs in the neck of my victim. This is really the best, however we, vampires have a rule that we can break, which is feeding directly on humans. This is why we have livestock, you know like you human and our cows.”

This wasn’t really heping, I continue questioning Mr. Bathory hoping he could remember something.

“Do I remember anything else that could help this investigation? hmmm let me see.

I remember Ms. Asui came to check up on me, making sure I didn’t need anything. Then I think she said she would look for the blond man with a scythe. Do you think he could be the one who committed this horrible act? Oh to early to say? I understand.”

I was almost done questioning Mr. Bathory and the forensic team was done with his sword. The last thing I needed to know is where I could find the blond man who goes by the name of Frau …or is it Zehel.

“It was a pleasure to help you Detective if there is anything I can help you with I’m here to your disposition. Where you could find the tall blond man? Probably still in the Cafeteria.”

I walked away from the library, to find that tall blond man walking around with a scythe, hoping to find him in the Cafeteria.

This was my part of the collaboration, keep an eye for Crimson post,  due to unseen circumstance, Crim couldn’t write their post, therefore Ayano (the amazing person behind Kawaiipaperpandas) ask to a new addition to her blog (yup she will have a new writer on her blog) to step in, so make sure to read Bowell post, the link gonna be added once the post is out!

~ Thank you for reading ~

6 thoughts on “Clue Collab: Fan-Favorite Froppy Found Frigid Leave a comment

  1. I said it yesterday over on Ayano’s blog: this is the coolest idea for a collab ever! I’m really enjoying this! It’s so great, and I loved your part of the story. I honestly felt a little bit sad for Mr. Bathory…but maybe that is just what he wanted us to feel like 🤔🤔 No clue really (sorry that was a bad pun…😅) Can’t wait for the next part!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol I got excited when Ayano asked for people to join her with this collab.
      Lol don’t feel bad for that twisted vampire. Looking forward Crimson post too since I have no idea what how the post will go.

      Liked by 2 people

      • It really is so good! I even told people at work today about this! I love this entire idea, can’t wait to see how it will progress. Lol..okay…I won’t feel bad for the twisted vampire! 😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

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