Hello Everyone! Hope you all having a great Friday

We are now at the 5th week of the challenge and today, as the title suggest, I will share with you my favorite artist from SM Entertainment.

I actually needed to think a little bit about this one since I like a lot of SM group. I thought I could go with the group that I’m always looking forward their come back the most, but again it wasn’t easy, so I decided to stop my pick on the group I tend to talk the most when they are releasing new material.


A part of me want to call them Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK), however I realize the reason why I like them so much now, as a duo, it because of the duo they are. Since the departure of the three other members, their Dynamic is different and I much rather the style they have now than the one they uses to have. I must say that I’m almost relieved by how thing turn since it doesn’t look like they will reunite anytime soon. Sorry for the OT5 stan, but I really don’t want them to get back as the group they were before.

Choosing my favorite song from the duo is hard, really hard, I all their title song, al l of them, so I will share with you a non-title song …

Athena from the SBS Drama Athena: Goddess of War

I personally think it one of the best song to show you their harmony and vocal talent.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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