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I have complete the manga series of Inspector Akane Tsunemori a few months ago, however I still haven’t read them yet, I wanted to wait to have the time to watch the anime from which the manga is adapted at the same times and see the difference between the two.

Before going in deep with what happen in the first volume and writing about the different between the two, I will tell you what the manga cover, those of you who saw the anime a few time will have a little idea of what happen in the manga. it cover episode 1 up to about halfway episode 3

The manga open on Makishima and his motive, he is quoting George Orwell “Thought crime does not entail death: thought crime IS death.”

Then we have Ginoza interrogating a criminal to finally jump at a young Akane, an Akane that is not part of the Public Safety Bureau and she is waiting so receive her score in order to know where Sybil think she should work.

It’s only when we get to page 29 (in the french version of the manga) that the manga and anime follow pretty much the same line.

The event if the first episode it pretty much the same in the manga, Akane still thrown on the field at his first day, I have to say the Enforcer introduction seem more intimidating in the anime then in the manga. The mission carry the same way and Akane still shoot that poor Kogami ( I only realize today Kogami was smiling when he was about to shoot that hostage, like if he was testing Akane …idiot)

It’s the second episode to get the most changed in the manga (so far). Kagari speech about why Akane decide to work for the public service happen in their office, in Kunizuka’s presence, the latter think he is crossing a line but doesn’t do much to stop him; Kagari stop when Masaoka arrive cause the old man asked him to cut it off. I have to say I kind of like the idea of this happening in the office instead of the cafeteria; Kagari and Kunizuka are two person that was flagged by the system and didn’t had the same luck of Akane, they couldn’t decide what to do with their life. To Kagari is like if Akane was rubbing it off in their face. His speech is a little bit different in both version, in the manga is doesn’t talk about the fact he was flagged at five year old, but he talk about how it was in the pass and how people like Akane have the easy life but still find a way to complain about it. i really think the manga scene as more impact than the anime, due by the location change the the slight difference in the speech, however, I would have rather they didn’t cut out when Kagari was flagged since it’s prove the system is not always right.

Something else regarding that moment when Kagari ask her why she choose that job, we see Akane training in flashback, no once we really see her during her time at the school police, we also have a flashback of her talking with her parent, there were against here joining the Public Safety Service.

The second change made is at the mall, after stopping their target, Masaoka sensing the target psycho-pass sky rocking, he asked her to take a Dominator, she is about to take one when Kogami arrive and take one before pointing the arms on the target, he then ask her what he should do and wait for her answer.

“Sybil tells be to shoot that man and that’s why I will do it, it’s the Enforcer work, but you, you have the right to order me something else and you can impose me that choice.”

Now note that the fact Kagari speech happen before and not after like the anime, make a bit different for Akane, now she can answer his question.

About the reason why Kogami arrive is simply cause he basically harassed Ginoza aksing him to bring him there since and Enforcer can’t go nowhere without and Inspector …Karamori told him Akane was on mission with Masaoka “Who knows, maybe he will be the one that you place next time” pretty sure she wasn’t serious, but it give a logical reason for Kogami to be there.

Akane also apologize to Kogami at that moment, when she help him to walk, that idiot shouldn’t have been on field due to his condition. Now that she apologize in mall, Kogami doesn’t get all work-up realizing that he could have died without being able to finish what he started and this is missing from the manga. We all know his obsession, it’s part of who he is, hopefully they will add it later.

The first volume ends with Akane talking to Ginoza about following Kogami’s plan during the drone case.

After one volume I cannot tell you if I really like how it goes, there is so change they made that I appreciate, but they didn’t cover three full episode, the manga series is 6 volumes and the anime is 22 episodes, I’m kind of scare the cut somewhere to make the story fit …we will see.

Oh and Pervy-Mel as a complain, manga Kogami is not as ripped as anime Kogami, oh well we can’t always have everything right?

~ Thank you for reading ~

3 thoughts on “Psycho-Pass Manga vs Anime | Inspector Akane Tsunemori Vol 1

  1. I’m a huge fan of the Pyscho Pass anime (can’t wait for season 3 to get started) but I havent’ yet started the manga because I have been hearing some very mixed reactions on it. I will read along with your reviews to this to decide if I will eventually buy these or not. So far it seems the jury is out so to speak 😅 I do have to say that I like the way how the art looks! 😊

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    1. I’m curious about the mixed reactions, cause so far the manga pretty much follow the anime even if there is some change here and there and in my opinion the change are not all that bad. Once I finish this one, I will wrote on the original story that is Psycho-pass, Inspector Shinya Kogami.

      Can’t wait for the 3rd season too!

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      1. Well that’s good to hear! 😊 Honestly I always tend to form my opinion anyways, and with mixed reviews, I usually am someone who ends up liking it. Besides…it’s Psycho Pass, and that already gives it bonus points! 😊😊

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