Hello everyone, after two weeks of completely forget about this challenge, I’m back with the 6th week and as the title suggest, I will share with you my favorite group from JYP Entertainment.

Unlike SM, JYP is quite easy to choose, while I enjoyed listening more than one group from this label, there is one I’m always looking forward their comeback.


They were once seven but something happen and one of them ( have to say that he is better as a solo act, he was able to spread his wings and show the artist he is) so now they are six.

One of my favorite song from them is “A.D.T.O.Y” (All Day I Think Of You) released in May 2013 from their album Grown.

3 thoughts on “K-Challenge | Week 6 – Favorite Groupe/Artist from JYP

  1. Have to admit that even though this isn’t my regular style of music, there is something about this song that’s really cool. Thanks for sharing! 😊Ooh…and 3 followers away from 500! Awesome! 😃😃

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    1. The album “Grown” really mark a turn in 2PM style, with “A.D.T.Y” they are more of a man group than a boy group.

      Haha yes don’t talk and look often at my followers count so I was surprised when I look and see that I was close the 500 despite the fact I not as active has before.

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