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OMG I actually watched something!!

I FINALLY finished the 3rd season of Bungo Stray Dogs AND I catch up on Demon Slayer, I like the series enough for me to get impatient and started reading the manga…

I also rewatched Psycho-Pass for blog purpose, this time I watch the sub version and I like is as much as the dub.

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Hello everyone hope you are all going good in this Sunday!

This is the end of my vacation, I go back to work tomorrow, really not looking for it, I will have two weeks worth of email to read *sigh*

During that last week I did a lot for my blog, I scheduled post on Tuesday until October, so you can be sure to have at least one post from me each week.

Wish you all to have a great week !!

~ Thank you for Reading ~

4 thoughts on “Mel in Anime Land Diary | Year 2, Week 48

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my post! That’s so awesome, I apprecate it! 😊😊
    Glad to read you finished some shows! I’m in the middle of binging….the original Gundam series of 1979 😮😮 Yep…that is an oldie, but it’s so much fun! Rewatching Pycho Pass though, is definitely time well spent!
    Good luck at work tomorrow. I always hate it when a vacation is over..ugh….😔😔

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