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Now that I read the second volume of the manga adaptation of Psycho-Pass, Inspector Akane Tsunemori and watch the episode that is covering, it is time for me to right the post before I forget about it, I’m looking at the notes that I took and I doubt I would be able to decipher them if I wait. But that doesn’t mean that post goes out soon as I finished it, like 98% of my posts, this one is schedule, in other word this rambling doesn’t makes any sense.

The second volume have more chapters than first one, instead of three we have …four BUT those four chapters cover three full episodes instead of the two and a half of the first volume.

Let’s go back where the volume 1 left one, which is about half way the 3rd episode of the series.

There wasn’t much different between the anime and the manga, the only notable one is when Kogami is trying to escape the drone, in the manga the criminal use the laser to attack Akane and Kogami, and she use the fire extinguishing system to stop him to use the laser. This cause the fire security door to close, Akane manage to get out of the room but not Kogami. Now they have to give him a Dominator so Akane decide to go, I guess it something like “I have to look over himself in every situation and make sure he comes back alive”, it’s also probably related to the fact she see them as co-worker before everything. I also like how Akane is backing Kogami in the manga, we can figure it out in the anime, but reading it just make it more …real?

The next case is the avatar murder case, again not a lot difference between the two, there is some reaction that are funnier in the manga than the anime and there is line said in the anime that I prefer over the one said in the manga. Like when Ginoza gets hurt after the explosion and point out Kagari and Kunizuka wasn’t hurt. In the anime she said: “Maybe somebody hasn’t been behaving well?” which may refer at how Ginoza is acting toward Akane, Masaoka and Kogami; in the manga she only said “Does it really matter?” in the French version the English version found online is closer than what is said in the anime …#lostintranslation.

Completely unrelated to this post but, Akane is 19 not 20 like it’s written everywhere.

They added a little part in that case that is not seen in the anime, Akane call Yuki during the case to ask her about Shoko Sugawara (Spooky Boogie), while Yuki doesn’t remember her, she still try to make sure Akane doesn’t give up. Adding this might seem pointless but they might ( I hope they will) use it later when Yuki get kidnapped.

Unrelated again, just sharing for their reaction XD

Once the case is over and Ginoza tell Akane she did a good job this time and warn her about not get to close the enforcer if she doesn’t want her hue to get clouded, she tells him that Kogami comfort and encourage her in the anime which we don’t read in the manga and it suck cause it’s an important part to understand the dynamic between Akane and Kogami and why she care so much about him.

The last case give us a better look at Sasayama fate, we could already figure it but now that I see it I might have nightmares about it …thanks

There is some scene that are switched around, the last chapter open on Akane meeting with her friend and when Yuki point out her and Kogami are quite similar Akane get up her seat flustered without no apparent reason and leave, this scene happen later in the anime and Akane leave cause she received a called from Ginoza.

Kogami realization some of the case look similar to the Specimen case, cause the same way in both anime and manga, the difference is that Akane hear everything of the conversation between Kogami and Ginoza in the manga, which make her ask Kogami the file concerning the Specimen case he put up together.

This is pretty much how the second volume goes there is not big difference and the manga actually follow quite well so far, hopefully it will stay like this. I still have four volumes to read and 18 episodes to watch.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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