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Did watch something, but not anime, I start watching the Netflix series Dark Crystal: Age of the Resistance, I start watching it cause of nostalgia.

Mel Fic Recommendation

If you ever wonder what Izuku’s life could be if he had a quite that will have happened if he had a quirk that was activate when he died? A quirk that will have allow him to change if future by changing/fixing his past? If the answer is yes, do yourself a favor and read Saysi story by clicking here.

Don’t forget to leave Kudo and or comment if you enjoyed their story!!

Hello everyone hope you are all going good in this Sunday!

That first week was rough, my legs hurt so much I couldn’t wait to have finally my day of on Saturday.

Do be honest I have nothing much more to say XD

Wish you all to have a great week !!

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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