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Today I will present you another Psycho-Pass post; now that I read the volume 3 of the manga series Inspector Akane Tsunemori and I can tell you what this volume cover and if there is any change. Fair warning, this post might be the shortest one that I wrote so far and you will see why soon.

The notepad I use to take my note while watching/reading is a small one, 21×14.8 cm (8.2 x 5.8 inches), each pages have 22 lines to write on. More than once I share with you some of my notes, so you have a little idea of how it look likes. For the previous post on the second volumes, I had two pages of note that wasn’t only scene swap, volume 2 have actual change that are really noticeable if you compare it to the episode it cover, I had note for each episode.

With this present volume, it’s different; the third volume cover episode 7 to 11 (side note: I own the two past extended version and I quite enjoy the fact the three first volume cover the first half of the series) and I don’t have note for each episode, in fact I didn’t took any notes for the two last episode, in other words the manga didn’t change anything that was worth to be mentioned. However, this doesn’t mean there is any change at all.

The main change are either scene that weren’t show in the same order, lines that were said by other character or lines that were cut off the manga, this is the only one that kind of annoyed me, adding a speech ballon or two wouldn’t have hurt …oh well.

The more noticeable cut line where Tomohisa interview, it is cut short in the manga and the conversation between Kogami and Akane when they are coming back from meeting with Saiga. While it doesn’t change anything to the story, the line was adding more element to understand the society they lived in.

Other thing that can be point out regarding the volume three is that they added a few scene or are showing more detailed scene.

In the anime, when Kogami is telling how Sasayama was to Akane, he is talking about a particular case he worked on, we don’t see what happen, it’s only Ko retelling it, however in the manga we have flashback of it. This flashback made me think of Sasayama and I start wondering about how he found Makishima’s lead…question that will never be answered unless they decide to release a spin-off.

The other addition is Rikako Oryo’s death, we barely see anything in the anime, however in the manga we have a really nice shot of it.

This was the only thing that I found worth to be mentioned, I told you it would be a short post compare to the others.

One last thing, I feel really dumb, I realize after three volumes and eleven episodes the title where the same…or almost.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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