Hello everyone! Hope you are all going good today!

More the story progress easier my job seem to be, since the manga follow the anime almost frame by frame.

I mean …

Once again I didn’t took a lot of notes about what was change, I notice a few think that I will talk here, but nothing that change the story. This volume cover the episode twelve to fifteen.

The first change I noticed was Kunizuka flashback in episode 12, they completely left it out in the manga, but they put an extra chapter at the end about Kagari that I will talk about later.

Talking of Kagari, I much rather is entrance in the manga when he talk to Kogami about Akane and the memory thingy thing, in the anime we only see him sitting on the bed, while in the manga Kogami threatened him to get the information since he was about to leave. Psycho-Pass theme is heavy and having some comedic moment lift up the mood a little and I feel like Kagari filled the role perfectly for that.

Again there is line cut like in the previous volume, like when Ginoza and chief Kasei about the Makishima and how his existence need to stay a secret. It was about the meaning of the Inspector and Enforcer work, why Sibyl would need them if it was perfect, Sibyl need them to be perfect. There is also some part of the conversation between Ginoza and Masaoka, like when Ginoza tell him “You denied Sibyl and Sibyl denied you” which is one of the many reason why Masaoka end-up enforcer.

Again some scene switches and again nothing major about it, I have to say those switched make the manga flow better in my opinion.

There is something that is shown in the manga and don’t see in the anime, it’s a detail really minor, Kogami and Kagari doesn’t salut chief Kasei like all the other, it tells a lot about what they thing.

And finally that extra chapter about Kagari and how he feel about being and enforcer and what he think of Akane, we all know he didn’t have it easy, flagged at five and the reason why he decide to become enforcer. Despite his look he feel like home with his co-worker around. It was a short chapter but a sweet one, that almost made me tear up, those who saw the anime know what happen to Kagari.

Again short post, hopefully it will stay like that, not cause I don’t like to read blog post but because when my post are short, that’s mean there is nothing to really complain about how the anime was adapted in manga.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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