Hello Everyone!

It’s me Mel!

Today instead of my weekly round-up it is a really special post that I’m giving you, it took me a lot of time before I decided to write it and seriously it would have been great if I didn’t have to write this post, however I just can’t continue to deny the fact that I don’t have the passion to write blog posts anymore.

While I really enjoyed writing the few posts that I had published, however I had the feeling that I HAD to write them, like it if I didn’t had the choice and I didn’t like that.

It took me time to realize it, but it when I scheduled the round up post that I feel that I was writing those posts like if it was an obligation. I know it’s not, but that’s how I felt; each Saturday or Sunday, I felt like I needed to write the weekly roundup, I forced myself to write them. I actually considered to not write them, but I was afraid of your (my reader/follower/friend) reaction. Those roundup was the only consistent post that I was publishing. I was afraid of what you would think, I was afraid of letting you down, probably silly right?

I tried to find the reason about why or how it came to this point; I know it’s not a total lack of interest, I still have blog posts idea, I just don’t have the passion to write them. Before when I had an idea, I absolutely wanted to put it out; now it’s more I have an idea and I will eventually write it and publish it…maybe. I know that I still have interest into blogging since I still have idea popping out and I was genuinely excited about the “Animanga Festival” held by Auri-chan, I was happy to take part of it, I didn’t feel forced to, I really wanted.

If it wasn’t the lack of interest maybe it was because of my other hobbies, but after looking at it, I know it wasn’t. I still read a lot of fan fiction and it does take time, but when I think about where I read them, I realize it mostly during my commute, I can read in the bus, but I have trouble to write and I can’t really write at work. Also it’s not because I’m writing fanfiction or cause I have my own original story, I haven’t touched those in about a month. Not cause of Sims 4 too, I still play but the last time I played was about 2 weeks ago.

It’s not because I don’t have the time, okay maybe a little, I have been working more lately, but a lot of you can manage work and blog, so why can’t do the same? I do have a hectic schedule, never working on the same hours and sometimes days I leave home at 8h30am to come back home around 7h30pm, when I get home on those days I eat, take my shower and then go to bed cause I have to get up that 7am the next day. Not all day of my work weeks are like that but most of them are.

So if we combine the two together, the fact that I only have two days off to write blog posts that I feel forced to write, which is not wonderful.

Now this is not the end of Melinanimeland, I might come back and publish post when I will feel like it. I still have few posts scheduled and I still partake the Auri Animanga Festival, the posts draft for some of the prompts are written, I just need to add pictures and links.

While this is not the end, I would totally understand if you decide to unfollow, I’m sorry if I let some of you down.

Regarding OWLS, my future within the group is uncertain, I still haven’t decided if I will stay or leave.

Also I do not close the door to any collab, if you have an idea and want to collaborate with me, my DM is always open, just shoot me the idea as long as there is no deadline.

That’s pretty much everything that is needed to be said, I know I didn’t had to write that post, but after three years or almost , I think it’s just normal that I give you an explanation about why I don’t post anymore and I didn’t want to stop without saying anything.

If you see some change regarding the appearance of the blog, it’s normal, I’m planning to downgrade my plan to the free one, and for that I will need to change my theme and maybe, maybe deleted some of the music files, I would have rather not having to remove anything, but the music files takes up a lot of room.

You can always find me on Twitter, I might not have the passion to write, but I still want to talk with you all.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

10 thoughts on “Burning Passion, Where Are You?

  1. Will miss you posting on a regular basis, but I’m looking forward to whatever you do come out with. And don’t apologize; what’s most important is for you to want to write and not feel like it’s a chore.

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  2. I totally understand the idea of a post being an obligation, so I’m glad you’re taking this time to recharge and do what’s right for you. I’m looking forward to the posts that you have waiting for us!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That schedule sure does sound brutal—I’m surprised you’ve been able to do as much as you have, honestly. I’m having a similar problem with having tons of ideas, but no energy to actually follow through with them. One thing that helped me was pushing off my updates from monthly to seasonally. Maybe posting a bigger post over a longer stretch of time might help.

    But first, you gotta do you, and I’m glad you’re aware of this feeling that’s tugging at you. Write only when you want to, and the rest will fall into place. We’re here for you!

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  4. Thanks for letting us know! I’ll miss your posts, but if your efforts don’t take you closer to your goals, there’s not much point in is, is there?

    As a writer, I’ll clean the house, or the gutters, or my neighbor’s gutters, before sitting down to write. I use my blog schedule to train myself to write more and more often, until writing becomes more natural than not writing.

    But that’s just how I’ve evolved. I enjoy your writing, so selfishly, I want to see more of it! So I’ll keep stopping by to see if “come back and publish post when I will feel like it.”

    An occasional post will be more enjoyable than no posts!

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  5. Aw Mel-san, I totally get you. I have ideas to write but it feels like I’m dragging myself to get to writing them out…
    Don’t feel bad about it, and yes let’s talk on Twitter! Maybe we can think of a collab idea to get rid of this feeling?

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