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After this post, there is only one other post left to reach the conclusion of Inspector Akane Tsunemori, then I will write a overall review where I will talk about thing already mentioned and thing that I left aside.

I might repeat myself but …if you have watched the anime series, the manga is easy to get through even more if you do like me and read the series as you watch it. The way I was processing is that I read it once and then when I was watching I had the volume in my hand to see where was the difference; if you already read my previous post you already know there isn’t a lot, but there is still some and that’s why it’s about. The volume five cover episode 16 to 18.

Since I already ramble over Kagari’s death on twitter, I will just say this here, it hurt me as much as in the anime and the panel surely doesn’t help.

little baby TT_TT

However even if I did cry over his death in the manga, anime always make a better job as conveying feeling, like when Akane hesitate to kill Makishima in episode 16. In the manga I read it and pass over the panel. It’s a hard and turning point for Akane, in front of her lay the guy who killed her friend, Yuki, she can get revenge by killing him, but she doesn’t. I didn’t feel the same emotion in the manga than when I watch the scene, the anime has much more impact than the manga, not really surprising tho, one can do much with still image.

Again there is unnecessary line cut, they cut line from the episode 17, when Kogami and Akane are talking about the Noma tower attack, for some reason they decide to left out the fact people are deliberately ignoring the risk/danger in order to stay sane and Akane wonder if the human being are clever enough to do that.

They decide to cut line, however they also thought it was a nice idea to add a scene with Akane looking for information regarding the previous judiciary system and how people where judge before Sibyl, between you and me I didn’t needed that addition, yes it great that she care and look for another way to judge people like Makishima, bu the story could have do with it.

This are what I pick up from reading the volume 5, now let me go cry over Masaoka’s death in volume 6.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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