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Finally we reach the end with the last volume of the manga series. Let’s take a look at it.

The chapter title sound so dramatic, but it’s the complete opposite I was dying. I nee more of that idiot in my life.

The last volume open on an extra chapter, which is about Sasayama, after reading this I have to say that I wouldn’t mind watching or reading a spin-off on Sasayama stupidity and how he make fun of Ginoza.

He is sho cute when he is smiling

Again there is a lot of line that was cut from the anime, by now I’m getting use to it and I use to say looking at how thick this one is, it’s almost a good thing, even if i would have like to see the “conversation” Kogami had with the imaginary Makishima when the go see Saiga the second time.

There is one line that was cute from the episode 20 that I think was important “By first rejecting relative valuation such as good or evil, an absolute system can be established” this come just before Sibyl state their identity is irrelevant. Since the core of Sibyl are made of asymptomatic individuals, people who also doesn’t make the different between what is good and was is bad, people who doesn’t see it the same way, I think it kind of important to note Sibyl reject the concept of good and bad. The thing that is supposed to judge if their action is good or bad reject the human moral.

The again moved scene around, like the scene when she ask Sibyl guarantee Kogami safety if she manage to capture Makishima alive happen in the helicopter on their way to the hyper-oat plant instead of in the car and part of it a show like if she was recalling it.

They also cut out the whole scene when Akane hesitate to reply to Sibyl when they asked her if she wished to live in a world without the System, at least we have all the reminiscence, like when she was with her friends or when she was talking to Kagari about choice.

Everyone should suffer with me.

Even if there was scene or line cut, even if they move scene sooner or later, the manga still follow the anime almost frame by frame and Masaoka’s death still hurt as much as in the anime.

This was the last post that was taking a look at each volume and comparing them to the series, the next one will be a review of the complete of the manga series.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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