General Information
Original Title Kanshikan Tsunemori Akane
Mangaka Story: Urobuchi Gen (Nitroplus) Art: Miyoshi Hikaru Characther Design: Amano Akira
Source Production I.G Original Anime
Status Complete
Genre Seinen, Thriller, Psychological, Drama, Sci-Fi
Volume(s) 6
Chapters 27
Original Run November 2012 to December 2014

Hello Everyone!!
Hope you are all going good!!

This should be the last post I will write related to this series; over the past few week, I published one each volume in which I was talking about the difference between the manga and the anime obviously those posts were more aimed at the reader who already watched the series. In this present post, I will give a review and try to keep the spoilers at his minimum, but I can’t guarantee anything, be warned.

Inspector Akane Tsunemori manga is based on the popular original anime series produced by the studio Production I.G that aired between October 2012 and Mars 2013; normally it’s the manga that is adapted in anime, in this case it’s different, the anime already began to air when the manga started to by published by Jump SQ. This gonna be my biggest challenge, reviewing the manga without taking in consideration the anime, what I was planning to do is write this review in two section, the first aimed to those who haven’t seen the series but are interested in the manga, not everyone what to sit through 22 episode of 23 mins which is around 8 hrs of watch without counting the opening and ending, some might rather read the 27 chapters in one go.

If you have already watch the anime you can click here

To Those Who Haven’t Watch the Anime Series

How describe the manga to those of you who haven’t seen the series without giving to much away? This is the question I have to answer here. Psycho Pass is a bloody that is borderline philosophical. The question of free will, what is good and what is bad come back more than once, in the end it’s really what you think of it and that is what the series is about, yes there is blood and a lot of people die, but in the end the series want to pass a message through the villain of the story who is to date one of the best villain written in my opinion, he do what he does to see the “Splendor of human’s soul” and to do that he need to bring down the system that control every aspect of life in this futurist Japan, from job to what you should eat, passing from who you should date and which music you should listen. The system also tells you if you can walk freely in the street or if you will end up in a rehabilitation facilities if you hue get clouded.

The series follow Tsunemori Akane who is a newbie she just got out of school and was threw on the field, that day they were severely understaffed I guess, how convenient. Akane is a special character, her hue doesn’t get clouded easily, she take the life the way it is and accept what life throw at her without dwelling to much over it. All through the series, Akane had to face situation that would have driven one crazy, however she always managed to keep her psycho-pass clear, it’s a biggest strength. Akane is not alone, she is surrounded by a lot of character that all have something to say about the system, none of them see it the same way. Among those people we have Kogami Shinya, an Enforcer the one that have to do the dirty job which is hunting and/or killing the other criminal; the enforcer are latent criminal, people whose crime coefficient is over the limit, they had the choice to state in rehabilitation center without never being able to breath fresh-air again or work for the system that told them they weren’t allowed to live freely (if we can say the other are really free)
They are both part of the first division of the Welfare Public Service Bureau, Akane is the inspector and Kogami is her hunting dog.

It’s through the different case the first division work one the story unravel and will come to meet the antagonist of the series, once we know who is the bad guy thing goes a little more quickly. The story might not be as exciting as a battle shounen, but it will surely grab the attention of those who like story that made them think. The different case are all twisted and makes you wonder how the hell they managed to walk around without being caught, one of the criminal have a crime coefficient over 400!

The main story is divided into 25 chapters, the two remaining are extra chapters that serve more as “breather” they are soft and warm, they made me smile.

Visually speaking I loved it, I loved the character design, the facial expression, the fluidity of the line, the screen tone used; each volume also come with mini poster and I’m still debating if I will leave them in the manga or put them in my scrapbook, my favorite is most probably the one with third volume.

If You Watched the Anime Series

If you have watched the anime and wonder if you should read the manga, I will say yes and no. Yes cause you have extra chapter, little bit that are not show in the anime, they bring nothing more to the current story BUT it they were nice, it give a warm feeling for a short moment. But it’s the only thing the manga series will give you, that is a superior visual, sorry but all the character look better in the manga than in the anime, Kogami bang goes lower over his bang, Kagari hair look softer and Ginoza still look dense. When we talk about still image everything look better in the manga, however I missed the fighting scene animation and the music. If you have read all the other post about the comparaison that made between the manga and the anime, you should already their is moment that I much more emotional in the anime. But no matter the medium I still cried when Kagari and Masaoka died.


The manga almost follow the anime frame my frame, it was easy to follow when I read the volume (for the second time) while watching the episode it was covering, in other word the manga doesn’t bring more to the initial story.

My major complain about the manga is the line that where cut from the anime, I can do with with scene that doesn’t happen at the same time, cause this happened alto, but don’t remove line if you are to had unnecessary element.

Overall the manga was a good read, I did really enjoyed it mostly for the visual and the fact it was easier to follow the story, something read speech bubble if easier to listening the dub or try to read the sub, I didn’t learnt more thing it just made thing clearer.

If you have already watched the series, I will not tell you that you absolutely have to read the manga adaptation, it’s the same story, it’s the same end game, unless you really want to look at the artwork.

This was my finally post of Inspector Akane Tsunemori, hope you enjoyed.

If you have read the manga and watch the series, let me know in the comment below what you think about it!!

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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