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Hope you are all doing go today.

As you should already know, the super awesome Auri-Chan is holding the Animanga Festival all through the month of October to celebrate her two years anniversary blog. The festival has a lot of different activities and one of them are prompt day blog post and this is what you have today.


Since I first started back in 2016, I wrote over 1000 posts, obviously they are all at a different level and my favorite post I certainly not the one that I the highest stats, for those who are curious, the blog post that gets the most views in a day are my doujinshi features post, I guess my blog attracted a lot of perverted reader.

Since my favorite post are not the one with the most view, it’s time to give them some exposure, I tried to limit my pick to four posts, I always feel like three is a decent number.

The first is certainly my favorite to date,

The Tale of a Broken Friendship Between a Monkey and a Crow.

If you have been a long time reader of my blog and you follow me on Twitter, you are probably aware of my love for the series K-project and you probably also know that my favorite character is Fushimi Saruhiko. In the anime he appears to be an asshole, like first class asshole who exists to piss off Yata, however when you dig further and you look at the manga that were written after the series, you realize there is so much more to his character than what we see and this is what this post is about. It was supposed to be and OWLS post but it took me so much time to write it that I couldn’t have it ready in time.

Talking about OWLS post my next pick is the OWLS post for the Friendship prompt back in March, Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose, The Cost of Friendship, in which I talk about how friendship is important for Guren and what he was ready to do to keep his friend save.

The last post I that is dear to me is Loretta Cristiano’s post, I don’t often talk about the female character that I like and I just really like how her post turned out.

Some of you might also know that I like to write fan fiction, I use to post them all on my blog until I decide to get an Archive of our Own account, now this is where I post my fan fiction. There is some fan fiction that I just really like, again I will stop at three …well four since one is a work series.

The first Haikyuu!! fanfic is “Goodbye Hinata” I don’t remember why I decided to write this story, I guess I wanted to torture my poor soul and your heart since the story is about different character of the series reacting to Hinata’s death.

The second Haikyuu!!, “The Moon Watching Over the Sun“,  end on a smutty note, I somehow decided to write a rarepair story which is Tsukishima and Hinata pairing aka TsukkiHina, I think I wanted to write this one to prove that I was able to write fluffy story without killing anyone.

The last story I want to share with you also have is fair share of smut and fluff and I do kill more than one character in it, it’s a Kuroko no Basuke work series titled “For Kuroko” the first part is “My Love” which is a Aomine/Kuroko story and the second part “New Life” is a Kagami/Kuroko fanfiction.

These are a few of my favorite work, I could probably share more, but I didn’t want to clutter the post with links.

Now it’s your time to share your favorite post in the comment section below !!

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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