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Hope you are all doing go today.

As you should already know, the super awesome Auri-Chan is holding the Animanga Festival all through the month of October to celebrate her two years anniversary blog. The festival has a lot of different activities and one of them are prompt day blog post and this is what you have today.


If you ask me the question if I prefer official merch over fan one, I would say that I much rather the fan merchandise and work related to my favorite series. I did attendant two conventions this year, Fanime in May and Otakuthon in August, and for both the part I enjoyed the most was the Artist Allay, I did buy some official merch BUT I bought much more fan merch.

I know we could go on a debate about how legal fan merch are since they are selling stuff from series they didn’t created, however I do believe most of the money made is used to cover the creation expenses …anyway, this post is not about copyright issues, this post is all about giving exposure to my favorite fan merch artist.

The first one is Naja and her cute little Amigurumi dolls, I already ordered a cute little Aomine Daiki (Kuroko’s Basketball) from her and a Fushimi Saruhiko (K-Project) and eventually I will order Bakugo (My Hero Academia). Make sure to give a look to Naja Etsy store BlerdyGirlCrafts.

Another that I really like and you should like if you like My Hero Academia is Chii (Twitter: @/creachivity_art), I bought two of my favorite lanyards from her, I use the Bakugo one at work. You can visit her store here.

Last fan merch artist, Alice who makes gorgeous Bungou Stray Dogs prints! I was really excited to know she would be at Otakuthon, I bought some print from her. To take a look at her store click here.

I could share more with you, so if you ever looking for My Hero Academia nice fan march, let me know, I will tell you where you can find some.

I also consume a lot of fan fiction, I read more than I write. Most of the story I read I from well known writers in their, fandom mainly My Hero Academia, but I feel I can still share them for those who are new to the fandom and like to pair an explosive boy with a certain nerd.

First, Zel, yup Zelly Zel writes fan fiction, if you click this link, it will lead you to her Archive of Our Own account, make sure to give a look to “Summer Daze” and bug her for the next chapter if it’s not out by the time this post goes live, there is only one left.

Another writer that I want to share with you is Saysi, I already recommended one of her story and I will continue since her fic can be funny, full of angst and fluffy, you should totally read “Listen Up, A**hole

Lastly I came across Sagilarious while going through the Demon Slayers tag on Ao3, “Panic at the Butterfly Estate” was a fun read!.

Make sure to leave kudo and/or comment if you appreciate their work to show your support and also look at the warning before reading!!!  And if you need any fic recommandation let me know!!

Those are some of my favorite fan merch artist and fan fic author, I could share more with you, maybe in the future…

To do have any artist you particularly like the mech or write you like to read fan work?

Let’s give them some exposure by dropping their name in the comment section below!

~ Thank you for reading ~

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