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Where Are You Mel?

Hello everyone!! Been a while right ?

I’m just passing by to give you some news about me and what I’m doing right now and show you that I’m still alive in case you don’t follow on twitter.

Doing kind of good, at least better than when I was on the night shift, less stressed, but despite that I’m looking to find new job, I really don’t want to go through another Christmas season at my current workplace.

Regarding what is keeping me busy for the moment is mainly Sims 4 and Planet Zoo, I sank a lot of hours since I have both game, on PC cause yeah I got a new PC powerful enough to run both without any trouble and it cost me way less than I thought it will cost me. I’m also planning to finish my Pokemon Livedex in Y, in other words I will have every single pokemon (all evolution included) in the game pc/box. I have only 13% to finish, then I will finish Shield. I also want to completely unlock the two country I have left in Story of Season (3DS). I have the Tropical and Ice left to unlock, and maybe I might start working to expand the safari…maybe. I also want to finish the main storyline of Harvest Moon – Light of Hope on Switch, I finished it on PS4, but I wanted to play it on my switch too.

Now about what I’m watching for the moment can be summarized to..nothing, unless youtube video of James Tuner and Lilsimsie count, if not I watch one in a while an episode of Busted 2 (Korean variety on netflix) I know I have a lot to watch but I just don’t feel like it for now.

I might not watch, but I read, I’m up to date with My Hero Academia, My Hero Academia: Vigilante, Seraph of the End, Black Clover, The Promised Neverland, Demon Slayers and Jujutsu Kaisen. I read all of them on the Shounen Jump apps (probably the best idea I ever had to get that apps, I mean you can read 100 a day for 2,79$can/months , which mean 3000/3100 chapters per months, think about all the money you could save,plus is legal.) On that same apps I read the Emperor and I which is a cute little series about a girl who found one day a penguin emperor in her freezer. All you need is Kill, Timer Killers and Tokyo Shinobi Squad. Right now I’m currently reading Claymore and I need to finish Red Sprite even if I know the series got axed.

This is all for me, hope you will have a nice week, I have a post coming on Thursday but it’s not because I’m coming back to blogging…at least not yet. it was just sitting in my draft asking to be published.

Hit me on twitter if you want to talk !


Simply Mel


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