General Information
Original Title Emperor to Issho
Mangaka Mato
Status Complete
Genre Comedy, Shounen, Slice of Life
Chapters 43
Volumes 4
Original Run Oct 2015 to Jul 2017


What would happen if you found an Emperor penguin in your freezer ? Ask Kaho, one day after coming back from school, she found one in her freezer. Follow her adventure with this strange new family member.

I read this a while ago, like a while, while ago and the reason why I’m writing this only now, it’s mainly because at the time I finished I wasn’t in the mood to write anything and now I feel a bit more like it. Great right?

I came across the title on the Shounen Jumps app, I was looking at the cover and I got really curious so I decided to read it and don’t regret it at all. I absolutely adored it which is surprising when you know what I like *cough*pretty boy*cough*. But yeah there is an adorable animal in it so I guess it’s okay, right?

The Emperor and I follow the story of Kaho who one day discover an emperor penguin in a freezer, don’t ask why and how, to be honest it’s not important what is important to know is how she and her family grew attached to this big clumsy bird. In a sense it kind of reminds me of “How to Keep a Mommy” cause Kaho really tried hard to keep the Emperor’s existence to the people around them but failed.

The manga is easy to read, the story follow some kind of timeline, but there is not defined storyline, there is not plot we really simply follow the Emperor and Kaho family daily, it’s a Slice of Life manga at it’s more simple definition, so no intricate drama, only happy time that will make you smile. It’s visually cute and funny. I loved discovering the Emperor’s personality as the days were passing, he really had his own character, don’t change the channel if he is watching his favorite tv show.

If you are looking for a cute series to read without any complicated plot (in fact there is none) I highly recommend you to this series

Did you read The Emperor and I ? Are you planning to read it ? Let me know in the comment section below !

~ See you next time ~

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