Hello Everyone it is me Mel!!

As most of you probably know, I love playing The Sims 4 a lot, to be completely honest with you, It takes most of my free time.

And I finally decided to share with you some of the things I do in the game. I will eventually share builds here, but let’s start by a challenge.

There are a lot of challenges going around and one of the most interesting is the 100 Babies Challenge.

The first version of the challenge was created by a Simmer named Amiisays for The Sims 2 and Snarky Witch from Tumblr created a new version of the challenge for The Sims 4.

The objective of the challenge is simple, give birth to 100 children in as few generations as possible. The challenge ends as soon as the 100th child is born or if you fail the challenge for breaking rules.

Cause of course there are rules like very challenges, the rules can be found here.

Before anything, we need to know that I already have one going and I’m at baby 23, the reason why I decided to start from scratch is simply because it will be easy to post about it, I can share from the beginning.

First the Matriarch

Meet Aurelia Christanson, the first matriarch of the challenge, she is a good Sim with a lot of creativity and she loves to clean. Aurelia aspires to be an extraordinary painter.

All my sims tend to be good sims just cause of the happy moodlet they get when the are doing good stuff, creative sims tend to be inspired more often which help a lot when they are painting, the last trait is Neat, since the matriarch might clean often, she better have fun doing it.

About the aspiration, Painter Extraordinaire is one of the easiest to finish in my opinion. The reason why I want to have easy aspiration is to get a lot of satisfaction points, with those I will be able to get the “Fertile” trait. Fertile Sims have an easier time when trying for a baby, and a higher chance of twins or triplets. It cost 3000 Satisfaction points. Also I want to get a Money Tree that costs 5000 points.

The House

Since I started with the starting fund of 20K, I look for a decent size lot (30×20) not too expensive, 1,500 simoleons, which I found in Oasis Spring. Now I’m a fairly decent builder I think, but I can’t do much with 18,500. It’s a starter home with all the basic needs, I haven’t shared it to the gallery, but if you want to download it, let me know I will share it at that moment.

You might notice that I decide to gave a single bed to the mom, my reason is simple, since the Discover University release (not sure if it’s base game tho) Sims get Woohoo and Try for Baby in shower.

The house will be expanding and I might even move to a bigger lot if I need.

Since it’s an empty lot, I could choose the trait that I wanted. The one I choose is “Good School” which will help kids to have better grades. “Child Play” which will help the toddler to get skill faster and the last one is “On Ley Line” which is similar to the “Fertile” trait, but for lots.

The first thing I want to do it, gain more money, meet a lot of men and of course get pregnant.

This was the introduction post of the 100 Babies Challenge!

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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