100 Babies Challenge: Part 1

Hello Everyone!

It’s me Mel!

Hope you are all doing good!

Today we will jump into the challenge and you will feel with me the struggle of it.

You know when I try that stupid challenge the first time, it was hell on Earth, the number of time I swear at the Sims most of the time. That challenge pushes your patience to its limit. The only difference between now and before is that now I know what I need in order to make it easier later.

In this part my plan was to get more money, meet some man and get the Matriarch pregnant. I can cross off two from these three objectives.

Aurelia did meet some men and got pregnant… twice and twin both time

So now the household counts 4 offspring.

So meet Arysa and Bryan, the 1st set of twins, their father is Johnny Zest.


Their toddler trait was “Angelic” so didn’t give me too much trouble, but toddler are still a pain, their needs tend to decay much faster.

Little tip for anyone who wants to start that stupid challenge, lock the door of the toddler room for everyone, even the mom this way the little monster will stay in their room and not wander everywhere in the house just to pu their damn plate or tablet on a table, unlock only when it’s time to give them a bath or if they haven’t reach the level 2 of the Potty skill, unless they are independent. It wasn’t the case here, so I had to keep the door unlocked until the brats were able to go potty by themselves. Plates of food can be dragged from the fridge to their room so this is not a problem.

Almost as soon as the kid were born, I made just Aurelia the 1st Matriarch get pregnant soon, so I made her invite the next donor to her lot and it was Jacques Villareal, once again twins

Meet too Clingy toddler, Camilla and Damien,

Obviously I made sure the first set of twins was ready to age-up into Child, so I might have been terrible and made sure they gained skill by allowing them to eat, sleep or go potty. They were allowed outside their room only when they needed to get their Mouvement skill to level 3.

While Childs are pretty useless in general, they can still clean stuff around the house.

With four kids it was time to make some changes to the house, still not perfect, but better than what it was in the beginning. At least I could put down some landscaping.

As you probably notice, I do give names following the Alphabet, it’s just easier to keep track. I do have a list of name, but feel free to throw ideas in the comment section.

You can find the Introduction to the challenge here

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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