100 Babies Challenge: Part 3

Hello everyone!!

It’s me Mel!

Welcome to the third part of the 100 Babies Challenge!

In this part, I was able to age up Camilla and Damien (babies number 3 and 4) into child and I’m very struggling with those two and I don’t know why, it took me sometimes before I was able to age them up to teens, hopefully I will be able to age them up to young adult and kick them out of the room, but not before they have made some money from painting.

Child Camilla

Child Damien

Teen Camilla

Teen Damien

I was also able to age up Eric and Felicia to toddler (babies number 5 and 6) and I don’t know if it’s because their father has the Evil trait, but both toddler got the Fussy toddler trait…FML. Fussy toddler tend to get angry more often when you try to teach them something without them asking for it. Like if this wasn’t enough the adult sims can get tense or angry cause of the fussy toddler.

Toddler Eric

Toddler Felicia

Another thing that happened in this part is Aurelia getting pregnant again with twins, the father of babies number 7 and 8 is Geoffrey Landgraab. Those of you who know the game and the townies (Sims folk), know Johnny, the father of the 1st set of babies, Malcolm, the father of number 5 and 6 and Geoffrey, the father of the babies to be born, are all related. I actually did this on purpose.

Also I finally have 6 money trees, so I will be able to renovate the house and make it all pretty to be put up in the gallery for you to download if you want to use it as a future house for the challenge (you can still you it for other thing), I say future cause it will certainly not be a starter home.

I already started the change to the house. I just need more money to finish it. As you know I sent the teen in the basement, I gave them their own entrance, in fact they can’t not even go in the house, I locked the door.


This is it for the third part,I think the challenge goes pretty well for now, already eight babies and she is turning into an adult only in 9 sims days, so she should be able to have hopefully three more babies before aging up to adult.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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