Hello everyone!!

It’s me Mel!

Hope you are all going well this Friday cause I’m about to destroy it for some of you… maybe.

As the title suggests, today I will share with you some Korean songs that crushed my heart (and soul) the first time I heard them.

I don’t speak Korean, I do understand some words here and there and I can read the Hangul but I don’t know the meaning of what I’m reading. However when a song is well executed and with the right vocalist, even if you don’t understand it, you can still feel the emotion the song wants to convey. Sometimes it’s the story behind it that gives it all its meaning.

The songs I’m about to share with you fall, in my opinion, into one of those two genres.

I will try to find videos with translated lyrics for all of them, if I can’t I will try to find it online.

Those songs that Have a story.

Breathe by Lee Hi

The song by Lee Hi was written by Kim JongHyun, old timer kpop fans knows who I’m talking about. For the others. JongHyun was a member of the group SHINee. I talk about him using the past (that hurt so much) cause he passed away in December 2017, he committed suicide. He wrote the song that he gave to Lee Hi when she was going through dark moments in her life. The song helped her to get through it.

Elevator by Kim Jonghyun

I already talk about him above, so you know him, you know what happened to him. But now I will tell you a bit more.

Jonghyun was suffering from depression and wasn’t afr6to talk about it, he wrong a few song about the topic and Elevator is one one them. Before I even looked at the lyrics, I knew the topic of the song. What makes me even more sad is the fact that despite all this call for help, despite the fact he was seeing a therapist, his therapist didn’t take him seriously. Maybe if he had more help, maybe if people had paid more attention to what he had to say, Jonghyun would still be alive today.

Spring Day by BTS

They said in an interview the fan could interpret this song the way we want and I will forever link this song to the Sewol tragedy that happened in April 2014. For those who doesn’t know, the Sewol tragedy refers to the Sewol ferry that sank on the way to Jeju island. 340 people died, 250 of them were high school students. I will always remember the story of that one student who didn’t want to go, but her mom told her to go. I can’t imagine how the mom feels now. You can read the translation here.

I’m Fine Thank You by Ladies Code

They were a talented group, a really talented one, the type of group we really see debuting nowadays. They had a lot of potential, they still have but it’s not the same as before since the death in a car accident of two of the members of the group, Rise and EunB. The song is part of the second EP released in 2014, the last album Rise and EunB recorded and was promoted as a tribute to the two girls. I can’t watch the video without tearing up. If you want to watch a video with the english lyrics click here.

아버지 / Father by Insoni

Insooni is one of the most talented vocalist South Korean has and she is a mixed race, her mom is South Korean and her father was Black American, her father left them (I can’t remember the reason) and her mom raised her alone. The whole song is about her finding peace with her father. Translated lyrics here

The Reason I Became a Singer by Kim YongJae

So I present you really sad songs with really sad stories, now I give you an other sad one with a less sad story. He said it a few time in variety show, the reason why Kim YongJae became a signer was because he was looking for someone, now I can’t remember if she was a ballet dancer like in the music video or even if she find her, but I’m really grateful that he had to look for the person by becoming a singer.

The songs above all have stories attached to it, the three last songs I will present to you are songs that the lyrics made me cry.

Fate by Yoon Minsu & Kim YongJae

I hear that song sung by two other people and it’s this version that gets me the most. The original is sung by Lee SunHee for the K-drama The King and the Clown.

Pray by Infinite

This is an other song that even before looking up the lyric I knew how sad it was, it is technically a love song about someone who is ready to turn the world upside down from their lover’s happiness, but it could also be apply to someone who just want to help their friend who are in some dark places.

Invisible Love by Shin SeungHun

Before anything you need to know I was quite surprised to be able to find a video with the translated lyrics of this song, normally the older the song is, the harder it is to find anything related to it. Anyway this song…this song is beautifully sad, I personally think one of the hardest things with love, is loving someone who doesn’t love us back, so we have to continue to love them in silence and that is what this song is about .

These were some Korean songs that crushed me the first time I listened to them. I hope I didn’t make you cry.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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