Hello Everyone!!

Hope you are all going well!

Been a right? Some of you might even be surprised to see me post something, other might be excited and I would say to those, don’t, not planning to come back… at least not yet; my plan is to coming back somewhere next year, so rest assured the blog will not die

The reason why I decided to post this update is to dust off the blog a little, I see some spider web here and there.

Some of you might know that I somehow lost my passion for my blog, I didn’t have the will to write anything, while that interest is not fully back, I do have a slight idea of one I’m planning for the future of my blog.

First I might rename it, I have one in mine and when the time will come I might ask you your opinion about it, you can even say it now, the comment section is there for a reason.

I also want to do a big cleaning.

At first I thought I would just start from scratch, but I just don’t wanna lose all the followers (569 WP followers at the moment of writing this post) I gained with time, however, I feel like my stats are not real.

If you follow me on Twitter (if not here your chance), you probably saw me mentioning it a few times, all my views are coming from the doujinshi that I featured on the blog.

My blog is not only a doujin blog, it’s an anime and manga with a dash of K-pop and video game blog, but right now it doesn’t feel like that and I want to change that and for that I need to delete all the doujinshi posts; I know that I will lose all my views, but at least the stats will really reflect what my blog is and how people are interested in reading it.

I will also delete all the fanfic that I posted on the blog since I post most of them on Archives of our own, for those of you who could be interested in reading them you can find them here; just make sure to look at the tag before reading, if you don’t you might have some surprises.

I might deleted other post and reorganized the tag and categories, I’ll will tell you more about it when the time will come.

This is pretty much it for now, the next time you will see me post anything is when I will prepare my come back.

Want to say a big thank you to everyone who is still following me despite my lack of post.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

3 thoughts on “Little Update from Mel

  1. It’s great to see a post from you, even though you aren’t really back! I’m glad to hear from you regardless!😊 Those are some big plans that you have, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the end result is going to look! In the meantime just take care and be safe, and of course I look forward to your return!😀


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