I will eventually make something but for now enjoy the platelets

Hello everyone!
It’s me Mel.
Hope you are all doing well today despite the days in which we are living. 

Like I announced back in the beginning of October I will slowly plan my come back into the blogging world. Does this mean that I found back my passion for this hobby of mine? Only the time will tell. What I can tell you is that I have a few blog post ideas, I would probably have more if I wrote all the ideas that I had, but I didn’t so we will have to do with what I have for now. Before starting anything there are a few things I want to look into. 

First, the blog name and look

I know “MelinAnimeland” is the name under which I am known for, however while I still like that name, I feel like it doesn’t fully represent what the blog is/will become.

It started as an anime and manga blog, and through the years I added a Korean entertainment section and I also talk about video games; it’s not just anime and manga anymore, it’s what makes my little world. 

This is why I was thinking of changing the name; I know a lot of you will say that I can do what I want since it’s my blog, but I still want to ask your, my reader and fellow bloggers, your opinion. 

The name I would go for is “Discovering My Universe”, I personally think it would represent my blog more since it’s what the blog will be, you will discover my little anime, manga, video game and all the other things that fill my blogging universe. 

I also want to change the look, while I really like the theme I am using right now, I might look into changing it, but if I don’t find anything that I like, I will change the color scheme, I might go with a black and white scheme, not sure we will see. 

Once I have decided what I will do with the name, I will change the header and most probably the icon to suit the name more. 

Second, the content 

I’m planning to do some cleaning which means that I will delete posts, as I said in the post update in October, I will remove the doujinshi feature from my blog since it doesn’t represent the actual view. I like having 2K views per day but I would rather have that for content that I created myself not from posts where I wrote a few lines and throw a link in. I’m pretty sure those people who found my blog through the doujinshi post, just clicked on the link to read the doujinshi and didn’t look to read more posts of mine.

I will also delete the fanfiction that I have posted, I don’t see the point into keeping them here when post of them are on published on my Archives of our own account, I still have a few that are published here but not on Ao3, I’m still debating if I should published them over there or not, regardless of have I’m deciding, I will still delete them from the blog. 

Other posts that I will delete are the Monday in Music, now I will keep the segment, but I just want to start it fresh and pretend that I can review songs. Not sure of the format that I will take, I will see when I will get there. 

Talking of format, I will try to find a format that I will like and be able to follow for the anime and manga review. I have written down a few things and I will work around that and try to make consistent posts, once I will figure out how I will do this I will let you know in a post explaining my thoughts. I will rewatch anime and reread manga of the series that I already wrote about, which means that once the new post is rewritten the older one will be deleted. I know I could keep it, but I don’t want to clutter my blog with “double” posts. I can look into archiving them somewhere, if you have any idea about that, let me know in the comment section below. 

I also intend to rewrite the character post and see if I can give them some more depth, for those posts I will just work around that I have already written and republish them, I know I could do the same with the other post, but since I might change a lot of element of the anime and manga post, I feel like it could be easier to just start from scratch. 

Regarding the video game post, I will make a separate post about the sims to let you know that I’m planning to do it, this post might have a few polls. For the other video game, keep in mind that I am not a big avid gamer, however I do enjoy a few video game that I would like to talk to you about. I was thinking about starting some of those game from the beginning and write post about how I am progressing in them.

I will also try to go through all my posts and see if there is any broken link,video or picture and try to update them. 

I think I said everything I wanted to say for now…I think. 

P.S this post was originally written in google and transfer to WP, I converted into the block editor jus to see if I could give it a second chance…I spend 10 mins into looking how to justify my text…I think I will stick to my good ol’ classic editor.

~ Thank you for Reading ~ 

17 thoughts on “It’s a New Beginning

  1. Good luck with the re-work, Mel!! In my personal opinion (not sure how much that’s worth), “Discovering my Universe” is a good one! If you’re encapsulating multiple topics you enjoy then, technically, we’d be in your universe/world so…fitting! Again, good luck with the whole thing! Excited to see it!

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  2. Well, as I said back then, it’s nice to have you back! Just take it slow, and write what you want😊 I definitely like the new name: “Discovering my Universe”…but I also like Scott’s suggestion😊 Either way: good luck with all the re-working: and well, welcome back! 😊

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  3. I prefer the old name, personally; Discovering My Universe sounds a bit like a self-help site that’s trying to sell you something. Or perhaps all my years on the Internet have just made me cynical. Mel’s Universe is definitely better — the personal touch is always good for a personal blog.

    I wouldn’t delete your old posts outright — I’d instead recommend archiving them in a specific category so on the offchance you do want to come back to them, rewrite them or use them as the basis for something else, you still have them. You don’t have to make that category prominent or anything by featuring it in your menu, but I can pretty much guarantee if you delete them outright you’ll probably regret it at some point down the line! 🙂

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    1. I could also have a mix of both name “Discovering Mel’s Universe” 🤔.

      What I deleted are the doujinshi since I want to make sure the view reflects what my blog is, the dj just inflates my view, I call them fake view.
      For the others post like fanfiction I don’t see the need to keep them since I already have most of them published on Archives of our own, plus I still have all the Google doc.
      Regarding the music in Monday, most of those post have only one or two sentences, so it will not make big changes.

      What I will probably do for the anime and manga series is update the post itself once the e one is written.

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