Hello everyone!

Hope you are all doing well today!

Today I will present to you my blog schedule…in fact it’s not really a schedule, it’s more like a designated day for the various posts that I will be publishing.

Sunday: This day will have video game stuff except for Sims post, also I will still post the Round-up on that day, the only difference with those round-up and the previous one will be that it will not be posted every week but the last Sunday of the month instead.

Monday: Monday in Music, there is no change here, I will still post music on Monday the only thing is that I try to post a mini review with it instead of just being “Hey listen to this song cause I like it.”

Tuesday: It will be anime, manga, all reviews will go on this day.

Wednesday: It used to be the day where I was posting characters’ posts and it will still be like that.

Thursday: All top posts will be published on this day and the post series like the “Get to know me” post and the OWLS, when the group activities will be resumed.

Friday: K-Friday that doesn’t change, all Korean entertainment stuff will still be published on this day.

Saturday: Sims Saturday, the name is pretty self-explanatory all Sims posts will be published.

Like I said it is not an actual blog schedule, it’s just to tell you what post will be published when, so when one of my posts will go up you know what it will be about.

I already have two Sims posts scheduled, one for this week and the other for next week.

Before I go, what to you think of the top image? would it make a good header ? I made two others gonna share it with you in another post and let you decide to one I should go with XD

Let me know in the comment section below!!

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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