Hello Everyone!

Hope you are all doing well today!

As the post title says, today I will talk to you about Anime and Manga review, it will not be a super in depth post, I will just tell you what I will talk about in those reviews.

Anime series are made of different elements and I don’t wanna get lost trying to figure out what to talk about in the review, therefore I made a little list of what I will pay the most attention to while watching anime series.

Music, cause I love music and I always feel like good music brings more to an episode.

Visual, how does it look, does the color give me headache when I look at it? How does the character look? Handsome? Cute?

Character, how likeable are the character? Which one I like the most and which one I hate the most, so they have good chemistry?

Lastly, how easy the story is to follow? Is it confusing?

As for the Manga I will look into the same thing as the anime except for the music of course.

This is the point I will talk about in the review post, not sure how I will lay this out, guess I will figure this out once I start writing it, I always tend to wing my shit as I write anyway.

~ Thank you for reading ~

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