Hello everyone!

Hope you are all going well today!

Today I will go over what I will talk about in the K-Friday post.

If you are a long time followers you already know what the K-Friday post are about, for the new people, Friday is the day where I will talk about anything from the Korean entertainment; it can be a variety show a new album, maybe even a movie or a K-drama that I watched (just don’t put your hope to high on those two.)

The 1st thing I will go over is the album review. A few months ago I asked if you wanted me to review the physical album that I owned and the result was yes. So here is the list of the artists I will review. I will go with the alphabetical order, unless the artist was part of a group.

Block B
Hwang Chiyeul

  • Kim SungKyu
  • Infinite H

Kim Jaejoong
Seo InGuk

  • Lee Minwoo
  • Shin Hyesung

Super Junior
Teen Top.

Not sure what I will start that, but at least you know that is coming regarding the album review.

About the variety, there are a few on my list that I will give a rewatch, like Sesame Player, if I can find them of course, there is also the earliest of the episodes of Happy Together that are worth to watch again. Anyway we will see what we will get there

Regarding the Korean movie I already have two korean movies on DVD that I plan to rewatch, for the K-Drama I just need to find one that will interest me enough to finish it. Maybe I could watch Reply 1997 once again since it’s the only series that I care enough about to finish XD.

Anyway it’s pretty much all that I wanted to say for now.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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