Hello everyone!
Hope you are all doing great today!

It’s is time to start our first Sims 4 Challenge which is the Rags to Riches challenge.
Like I said in the introduction of the Sims Saturday, the main goal of this challenge is the sims to get riche. We start with no money, zero simoleon and got up from there until we have the feeling the sims is real riche, to have an idea of how riches the sim is I will choose two of the fortune aspiration for the sims to complete.

First let’s meet our Sims

Tabatha Moran. I have no real reason behind this name other than I really like Sebastian Moran from Moriarty the Patriot.

She is Creative, an Art Lover and a Good sims.
The reason I choose those is cause creative always have fun while painting and we might paint a lot, Art lover, she will gain fun while looking at paintings and sculptures and good…just cause.

Now for the Aspiration the first one will be the Fabulously Wealthy.


1st Milestone – Going for Not Broke
Have Earned $5000
Have $10,000 in Reserve
2nd Milestone – Learning Earning
Have $20,000 in Reserve
Have Earned $25,000
3rd Milestone – Well-off
Have Earned $75,000
Have $35,000 in Reserve
4th Milestone – Fabulously Wealthy
Have Earned $200,000
Have $50,000 in Reserve

The Shrewd Reward Trait: Your Sim will get 5% of household funds added to their total every week.

No for the lot, I did play that challenge I few time, so I know there is some neighborhood that are better than the other like the Mid-Nowehere in the Crumbling Isle neighborhood situated in Winderburg, world that come with the Get Together pack. I like this lot cause of all the collectible that is around. I will move lot when I will have to complete the 2nd aspiration since I will have to build a pretty big mansion to complete it.

See cute little lot by the sea.

Now normally my main goal is to get enough satisfaction points to have be able to buy the Money Tree that came with the Season pack, but this time I will not get it and really try to complete at least the 1st aspiration just to spice it up a little, anyway there is a lot of collectible on that little island.

Gonna play without the season and aging turn off cause it’s just annoying XD, maybe I could redo the challenge later with both on.

I already feel the struggle coming.

Hope you will like the challenge.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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