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Today’s post is an updated version of the Get to Know Me: Free, if you want to read the original and see the difference between them, you can read it here.


Free! is a sport anime with a lot of fan service…a LOT, but I really don’t mind, it’s always interesting to watch a show with really good-looking boy half-naked.

Top 3 Favorite Characters

Yamazaki Sousuke

© Kyoto Animation

Look at him smiling, such a rare sight. Sousuke wasn’t always my favorite character, you if peek a look at the previous post, you know that I had to warm up to him, I wasn’t really fond of him, I just didn’t like the way he treated Haru, but after knowing more about it, I couldn’t help but fall deeper for him. He is the type of guy that you really need to get to know if you want to appreciate him, you need to look over his cold attitude, only then you will realize that he is a soft boi who really care for his friends.

Matsuoka Rin

Rin is a cocky little shark, but he also have a lot of confidence issue, he always thought that he was one of the best until he meet people better than him. Seeing him becoming more confident about himself  and founding his path was wonderful. Like Sousuke, you need to get to know him, at first he might appear like cocky bastard, but he is not. Rin is a caring big brother, he is really wonderful with Gou, he also care a lot about his friend even if they are his rivals. He wouldn’t have dragged Haru with him in Australia if he didn’t care about the guy.

Tachibana Makoto


I still wondering why his is represented by a killer whale….the only thing that he have from a killer is his killer body and smile. Something else about Makoto is that he is one of the best brother in the anime, you can see it when is with the twins, being a big brother made him care for the young people and everyone around him. He tend to worry a lot about his friend and everyone in general. People who hate him just doesn’t have a soul.


Honorable Mention

Toono Hiyori

I know a lot of people hated on that poor guy cause of the way he was with Haru, he was meaner to Haru than Sousuke was and I was to say that I did hate him a little for that, I wanted to punch him soooo bad after that one episode, while I don’t agree with his action and word, I do understand why he was like that. If you want to know more about what I think of him you can read this post here.

Favorite Club

Iwatobi Swim club

My favorite character is Rin, but for the club I must say I prefer Iwatobi chemistry over Samazuka. Of course the series revolved around the people from that club so we could see them more than the other club.

Favorite Race

Iwatobi VS Samezuka last relay

I really tried to find the video for it, but I can’t find it….sorry

This last race against Samezuka mean so much. Not only Iwatobi officially win, but Yamazaki was able to make a last relay with Rin.

Favorite Opening

Rage on by Oldcodex

Favorite Ending

Splash Free by Style Five

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