Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well! Today is the very first part of the Rags to Riches Challenge that I introduced last week. Since I want to make sure to have enough content to share per post, I decided to week per week in Sims time. In other word you will see the progress I made through the in game week.

Before starting I want to give some more explanation about the reason why I choose this particular lot. If you have read the introduction post you already know that there is a lot of harvestable and collectable on this little island, so I don’t need to travel a lot, I can pretty much make all my money on the island However, while it is great I can make a lot of money with what I found on the island, Sims have need; like you and I Sims need to eat, sleep, use the toilet etc. Obviously pretty much all the stuff you need to fulfill your sims needs cost money and often time you will need to take care of the need before you get enough money to do anything. This is why I choose this lot. I could have bulldoze another lot on the island and still be able to have the same amount of collectable, but this lot, Mid-Nowhere Lot, have two bushes really close.

The bushes came in the Get Together pack and are really usefull for this callenge since you can sleep (more like nap) and take care of your bladder by “fertilizing” it. I could use only one for both need but ewwww gross who wants to sleep where they take a shit?

Now that is said, time to jump in the main topic of this post, shall we?

Sims week are starting on the Sunday at 8am, there is no much to do since all the collectable haven’t spawn yet and you need to wait at least a day for the harvestable, so while waiting for the collectable to magically appear, why not fish?

Fish is fun and you can sell the fish, I had to wait around 1 hours in Sims time for all the collectable to appear, soon as it start I made to Sims go digging around the island, while I was doing that the Welcome wagon decided to start. I dislike that so fucking much cause even you you talk to you neighbors and great them it can glitch and your relationship will still go in the negative.

Anyway after collecting everything I could collect I sold everything that I found with the exception of frogs cause you can breed them and make money every 4hours in sims time. If you are lucky, like me, you will get a 100$ rare one, you need two frogs to be able to breed. So one frog was 100$ and the other 10$, it took me some breeding time before I get another 100$ frog, once I got it I was able to get around 200$ a day from the frogs.

At the end of the Sunday, my poor Sims just had enough money to buy a cooler and a trash can. the Cooler to eat and trash can to throw the plate, can’t wash them yet…no sink. With a cooler and the two bushes 3 needs can easily fulfill only missing a shower and that’s the next thing that I bought.

Not so empty lot
Can have a clean Sim now

I don’t remember when, but sometimes this years (I think it was with the base game update for the release of Eco Lifestyle) they had an update where you receive random phone call for really random thing, sometimes is can me a prank call or other time some random Sims will call you to tell you inherited money. There is three option. If you choose the 1st “money money money” you will have seven days to get married to be able to get you hand on money, but we don’t want that stress, at least not when your house don’t even have wall yet maybe later, but for know we are choosing the 2nd option which is “Under what condition?”; this option guarantee you 2.5K and with the situation in which we are right now is we will gladly take it.

So with that 2.5K I was able to make a small (very small house) with a complete bathroom, a bed like real bed, now need to pee and sleep in a bush, I upgraded the shower AND bought a mini fridge and a counter, no over yet, no need for it when you can eat salad and BLT. (forgot to take screen shot of that beautiful house.

All this was made before Wednesday, after that I had an extra entry of money with the harvestable. the island have Snapdragon, strawberries, bluebell and mushroom; while the bluebells and mushroom worth nothing, snapdragon worth 16$ each and strawberries 6$ I planted a few and planning to use the strawberries the fertilize the snapdragon, higher quality mean more money and that’s what we want.

The next day I had enough money to get a more “decent” (very strong word) house like you can see here.

No inside view for you sorry but there is an easel, radio and bookcase in it.

The reason behind the weird roofing is cause the black part are solar panel (tbh it doesn’t to much) and the green part collect water.

Then came Friday and I was able to upgrade the house once again

The house is starting to look like a house now, not sure if I will keep that modern look but for now it will do.

Saturday came with the Romance Festival, now you need to know that you need to have the City Living pack to get those festival, but if you have it awesome, more expensive flowers, like Roses and Birds of Paradise, also tulip, all three give some good money and that what we want; since I wanted to make sure the flower doesn`t disappear once the season is over (it happen when you have the season pack…suck I know) I build a little green house room and put some planter in it.

You can’t see it but there is a glass roof on the green room.

As you can see I still haven’t put any flooring or color the wall, it will eventually come, for now it’s not a priority, it took me a week to be able to get my Sims have her shit together, but now she can go to sleep at the decent time, take good shower and have an actual toilet to be, just really missing a full kitchen, only after that I will start thinking in a floor plan to see where to put a living room and dining room.

Also, no need to worry about her social needs since making a sims doing the “tell joke” interaction to a microphone will fulfill this need.

Being able to have a decent house where we can take care of all the sims need without travelling took me a week, now it is time to make money and actually get riches.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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