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When I was talking about coming back to the blogging world, I mentioned that I will review a few post, among those post there is the Anime Crush post, I want to give them a little update and see if I could had more to it.

Today I will share with you the first of the updated post and I obviously had to start with this guy. You can read the original post here.

**Disclaimer: This post will contain spoilers regarding the series Kuroko’s Basketball.**

Daiki Aomine is a character from the anime series Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko’s basketball) he use to play in the same basketball team of the main character Tetsuya Kuroko when they were in middle school. He is know to be part of the Miracle Generation. He was the ace of the team. Later when he when in high school he choose a different school, Touou, than his old friend and became rivals. He first meet Aomine not before his match against Seirin, Kuroko’s school.

I said in in the original post and I will say it again, I wasn’t really fond of the guy when he was first introduced to us in the series, he was a cocky bastard, sooo full of himself, I didn’t like his attitude, not even one bit., I would have yeeted him through a wall so many time. I found his personality really awful.

However, eventually, somehow, all the reason why I didn’t liked him became the reason why I like him, weird I know. I’m not the most confident person in the world, so seeing him being overly confident in everything related basketball make me enjoy his presence more, plus as the story progress you quickly realize that he is just a basketball idiot like Kagami.

I came to like him even more after the Teiko arc, we see why he became like that, then came the realization of how wrong he was after seeing Kuroko and Kagami with Seirins winning against Akashi.

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Plus despite losing against him, he decide to help Kuroko to get better, to find a way to develop a new technic, if he was really the jerk that some think he is, he wouldn’t have done that, he wouldn’t have care, but he cared. He care about his formers teammate, we can see it in his games against Kise.

In short, Aomine is a basketball idiot with a big heart, you just need to learn to know him and look pass is jerky attitude to see it, plus he is a total pervert, how can you not love him and this is why he became one of my several anime crush.

This was the revisited post on Aomine Daiki, hope you enjoyed.

If you want to read more about that idiot, you can read this great post Zel written back in October 2017 for the Dreamers OLWS Tours.

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