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bungo stray dogs: dead apple OST Cd cover
Series / MovieBungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple
ComposerTaku Iwasaki
Singer Lotus Juice
AlbumBungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple OST

Today’s song is coming from the anime movie Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple released in March 2018. The song play in the movie during Chuuya battle against the dragon. At this moment Chuuya’s corruption ability is activated.

The track was composed by Taku Iwasaki and his sang or more rapped by the Japanese rapper Lotus Juice.

Where to I start with this song…First you need to know that it is one of my favorite insert song, so if I sound biased towards it you will know why.

Not gonna lie, the intro is this song is quite long, but it is worth it; really like the mixed of the rock instrument with what we could call more classical instruments, they even added something that I would call an organ with synthesizers effect (the instrument of course not the human part) not sure if that makes sense.

As I said there is a mix of rock and classical instrument, “Wake Up Call” is also a mix of different genres you have a little bit of rock, some part are more grand like in an orchestra and you have a bit of jazz too and also rap…cause yeah Lotus Juice is a rapper; it could have go wrong, but it didn’t, what make it work it probably the way the song progress and the pace that make everything blend together.

My favorite part of the song is what I would call the chorus… it look like it’s the chorus but it doesn’t feel like one anyway it’s my favorite part. Just don’t think too much about the lyrics, I tried to understand and got a headaches.

Whatever, whatever hopefully you know that
You ain’t no going no where from here
Cannot be, cannot be really happening
Yes it can, yes it can actually here
I don’t know what to do if you won’t understand
What you do is wrong son, up in here
Smashing in, ass licking, faces in
Still sleeping on wake up call?
I’m done listening.

Wish you all a great week!!

~ Thank you for Reading ~ 

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