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There is thing that will never change, where Aomine is first, Saruhiko is second, people who knows me know what I mean about that. You can read the first version of this post here.

**Disclamer this post will contain spoiler regarding the series K-projects **

fushimi saruhiko, k-project

Saruhiko Fushimi is a character of the K-Project Anime series. He was once part of the clan Homra with his beat friend at the time Misaki Yata, but that some point he switch (betray MISAAAAKI) camp and now he is one of the clansman of the Blue King (Scepter 4), Reisi Munataka. In the clan hierarchy he is the 3rd in command.

I think by love for character with a sever attitude problem started with him, I love his twisted personality right away. Yes he is an asshole but I love him for that. of course their is reason behind his shitty attitude, while it doesn’t excuse everything, his background story explain why he is like that especially toward Yata, he just want the attention back on him no matter the reason, yes he is an attention whore.

Despite all that, he care about the people around him and he shown it in his one way all through the series, he got affected by Totsuka‘s death and he care about the former clan, Homra more than he want to admit it.

I wrote two post about him in the past, one regarding his broken friendship with Yata and the other for the Mentor OWLS’ Tour.

Fushimi Saruhiko is an attention whore with a shitty attitude, from the outside he seems like he is looking dow on pretty much everyone, plus he gets bored pretty easily, the odd are that you might dislike him cause of that, however all this is a façade and behind is hiding a broken individual victime of abuse who just wanted to be someone special in someone else eyes he just didn’t knew how to say it properly and that’s why I like him, Saruhiko is a well written characters.

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