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In today’s Get to Know Me post I will talk about my favorite thing when it comes to the kpop boy group 100%. I know I know I could go with a Christmas special instead, but at this point I can’t with Christmas music anymore even if they are sang by Korean artist.

I already wrote a post about the group back in March 2018, you can read the post here.

Favorite Member


Seo Minwoo use to be my favorite member of the group, I still very like him even if he passed away from an heart failure back in 2018, at that time Changyong was my second favorite member. Not to sure why, probably cause he was that mysterious vibe around him in the music video of Beat released in 2014 where he was the focus.

Best Voice


I just fucking love his voice, I normally like warm deeper voice, but his is different, I can’t tell why.

Favorite Song

Better Days

I will just copy / past what I wrote in the 100% post cause it still stand

**Note – I rarely give my opinion in those spotlight post, but I really have to say this, “Better Day” is to me the best track 100% released. Note only the chorus is haunting, but the guys just sound great and the look awesome**

Favorite Dance Routine


There is something really sexy about that dance routine.

Favorite Music Video

Grand Bleu

I know it’s not a spectacular music video, it’s just the boys being happy and silly and that’s why I like it, plus I personally think that Grand Bleu should have be the lead title of the album from which the song came from.

100% is a great boy group that deserve to get known, they have so much talent.

Did you know the group before visiting by blog? What to you think of the group?
Let me know in the comment below!!

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