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In today’s post I will share with you the mods that I use in my game. Some of them I just can’t function without them (I’m literally a lost puppy if I don’t have them in my game) others I use only when I whenever to build something special and one is for when I want to make my game more naughty. 

Gonna start with the one that I need in my game, MC Command Center and UI Extension Cheat.

MC Command Center or MCCC for short was created by the modder Deaderpool it is useful for game play and build. 

The main reason why I use it is to make unwanted sims leave or to change my Sims clothes without having the interaction. Also you know that monster under the bed that wakes up the kinds and toddler in the middle of the night? well with MCCC you can disable it. Great isn’t it? no need to by the special night light. You can also use it to always have the “Testing cheat” on. 

Another other it can do in game is change the season and weather by clicking on the mailbox. You have planned your Sims outdoors wedding on a certain day but it’s pouring or you are in the middle of a heat wave? do not worry MCCC got you covered; click on the mailbox and change it for the perfect weather to have a perfect wedding. 

The marriage doesn’t last and our Sims get divorced? It’s all good cause with MCCC you can set it to get child support (yay more money). 

There is something else MCCC can do, remember the TV 16 and pregnant? you always wanted to reenact it without the consequences? Well MCC let you do that by allowing teens to get pregnant.

Talking of pregnancy, if you enjoy the surprise pregnancy you can do it with this mod by enabling the risky woohoo; you gonna have to set a percentage higher the number it is, higher the chance your Sims get pregnant with the normal woohoo interaction. 

This is for game play, MCCC also makes your life easier when it is time to build. 

This mod can add many other things to your gameplay, I will let you discover them. 

You want to use a certain item but it is locked behind gameplay and you don’t wanna enter the long cheat? this mod allows you to enable the cheat without having to enter it every time, same apply to the cheat giving you access to the debug menu. 

As you can see MC Command Center is a great mod to have, another one that I would highly recommend is UI Cheat Extension

As its name suggests this mod has everything to do with the UI and it’s made by Weerbesu.

Want more money without having to enter the motherlode cheat? right click on the house fund and just add whatever you want, you can even make your sims suffer by removing all their money. With this you can also add “bits and pieces” if you can Eco Lifestyle and even the credit front the infamous Journey to Batuu. 

With this mod you can also cheat your sims needs. 

Your teen sims slept in and will be late for school but also need to eat AND take a shower? just right click on the corresponding need. 

There are a lot of things this Mod allows you to do like change the relationship, the character value (if you have the Parenthood GP) and a lot of other things 

It is definitely the one I miss the most when I play on a PC that doesn’t have it installed. 

The next mods I want to talk about are mods made for builders. If you like to build these are for you. 

The T.O.O.L and the Better Builders mod made by TwistedMexi

T.O.O.L means Take Object Off Lot, what it basically does is allow you to freely move any objects in or off the lot. 

For example, you want to build a dump and you want furniture all over the place in different positions that normally you would be able to do, well with this mod, you can incline anything to any degree; you can also resize objects easily with it. 

Something else the mod will allow you to do is placing objects outside the boundaries of the lot; let’s say you want more trees  around your house but not on your lot, you can do that with this mod. 

The other mod made by TwistedMexi, Better BuildBuy, will make your life so much more easier if the main thing you do in the game is build. 

This mod does several things and one of the more useful in my opinion is the organized Debug menu. 

**side note: for those who don’t know, the debug menu has pretty much every you can see in the world, from trees that the normal build and buy catalog has to an empty house that is only a shell, like the one we see around the sims world.** 

Normally this menu is a real nightmare, everything is mixed, nothing is tagged. You are looking for a specific bush that you saw along the road? Well get ready to scroll through the debug catalog, you might find the bush you are looking for next to an unusable car or a glass of water. 

With the Better BuildBuy mod, you will easily be able to find that bush…in the bushes category in the catalog, crazy right? 

It also allows you to clone objects from the debug catalogue which you cannot normally do. 

There is something else that come with the Better BuildBuy mod, however this can also be downloaded alone; it’s the Expendable Catalogue, in short what this mode does is instead of seeing the two first row of the build and buy catalogue you can see four or five row (if not more), it’s pretty great when you looking for something specific. 

This is for the mod that everyone can use, now I have a very serious question to ask you

If you are under 18 click here (if you decide to click know that I am not sorry at all) or just quickly scroll past the next section to the end of the most, for those you who are over 18 you can continue ready and I will share with you the mod I use when I feel horny.

The mod in question is the “Wicked Whims” made by TurboDrive and it’s basically a porn mod. Woohoo? No only real sex here unless you enable to normal woohoo, along with blowjob and handjob and other stuff that couple can do together when the kid are sleeping. 

If you like problematic stuff you can even create age gap relationship since you can enable age gap relationship…I don’t know maybe you always dream of grooming a teen without bad consequences, you can even have some incest relationship if you want. 

Adding to that you have periods circle if you turn it on, which mean that you will have to buy pad/tampon, there is also birth control pills and condom and on top of that you can even have STD called crab lice, but don’t worry too much about that you can order medicine for it. 

This mod is really explicit unless you download the version for streamer which is the same except that everything is pixelated. 

This is all the mods that I use or occasionally use.

Are you using any mod in the sims? Are you planning to use any? 

Let me know in the comment section below. 

~ Thank you for Reading ~ 

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