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In today’s post we will go over the Funko Dragon Ball Advent Calendar. If you are following me on twitter, you already know what was in that calendar, for the others, you can continue reading and discover here which mini funko was inside that calendar.

First I will list per day all the little figurine

Day 1: Goku
Day 2: Young Gohan with his sword
Day 3: Piccolo
Day 4: Vegeta in his Great Ape form
Day 5 Master Roshi
Day 6: King Kai
Day 7: Bubble
Day 8: Krillin
Day 9: Vegeta
Day 10: Vegeta Great Ape form (fuzzy)
Day 11: Nappa
Day 12: Yound Gohan with his Sword (shiny)
Day 13: Radditz
Day 14: Piccolo (shiny)
Day 15: Tien
Day 16: Chiaotzu
Day 17: Master Roshi version 2
Day 18: Goku (shiny)
Day 19: Krillin (shiny)
Day 20: Chichi
Day 21: Yamcha
Day 22: Vegeta (shiny)
Day 23: Puar
Day 24: Shenron with the 7 Dragon Ball

This is the 24 mini Funko, as you can see a lot of the character have two versions, which is not bad, I really enjoyed opening the little door to discover which characters was hiding in the hard to open plastic bag.

My only complain about it is that some more popular character like Bulma or Trunk where overlooker, while less popular character like Bubble was there, also I’m pretty sure we didn’t need a “shiny” version of some character plus a normal version; I like shiny thing but in moderation. I really think they should have put more different character instead of putting two different version of the same. One last thing, the lack of villais, there is so much more villain than what we got, the only thing I can think of is that they rather concentrate on the first arc of the story which is logical, but it would be nice if the explored the other arc too.

Anyway, this was my small impression of the calendar, hope you enjoy.

Let me know what you think of it in the comment section below.

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