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Today’s K-Friday is a very special post, today I will write a “sequel” post to something that I wrote back at the end of March 2014 as a guest blogger for the Kpop entertainment blog Asia 24/7.

In the post in question I was talking about six South Korean boy groups who debuted in 2012 and where they were two years after their debut. 

But before jumping into the main topic, I want to tell you about something that is often mentioned in the kpop world since I will refer to it in this post; it the Seven Years Curse. 

The Seven Years Curse is not an official phenomenon, however it is well known in the kpop community. For some reason things tend to go bad for kpop groups reaching the seventh years of existence. A lot of groups line-up changed and some others disbanded. Of course, it’s just coincidence, there is no real curse going on, normally what really happens is the contract with the label is over and the members decide to renew it.

A little side note before I continue, it is not because your favorite group “survived” the Seven Years Curse that nothing can happen after; groups can still disband after seven years, members can still leave the group.

Now that is said let’s talk about the main subject of the post.

The first group I mentioned in the post I have written in 2014, was B.A.P

B.A.P was a six-member boy group signed under T.S Entertainment, they debuted in January 2012 with the powerful song “Warrior”. I would say that they had an instant success, they were different from the other groups around, their songs had were powerful, a very “In your face” kind of vibe. All their other releases after that had a similar success. Then in 2014, the law suit against their label, according to the record the profit wasn’t distributed fairly and unfair condition, in 2015 the reach an agreement and the group continued promoting with TS Entertainment unil 2016. YongGuk, the leader of the group, stopped activities due to anxiety disorder, therefore he did participate to Noir album promotion. About two years later, YongGuk and Zelo part away from the group when their contract with T.S expired, around a year later the four remaining members did the same which meant the end of the group known as B.A.P.

The second group I talked about is EXO who are sign under SM Entertainment, unlike B.A.P the group is still together, however the original line-up changed over time; the group began as a twelve-member boy group divided in two, a Korean side for Korean promotion and a Chinese side for the promotion in China. Out of the twelve members four were Chinese and from those four members only one is still part of the group even if he is mainly focusing on his solo activities. With the way the group is doing, I feel like they have found their stable ground, it really look like they are there to stay, one of the advantage of very large group is when members leave there is still enough member to continue the group activities even when some of the remaining member are on hiatus to focus on solo activities or are inactive due the mandatory military service.

BTOB was the third group that I talk about in the post that I wrote back in 2014, the group is seven-members group sign under Cube Entertainment and nothing much change since their debut, they did had a few “scandal” here and there but the line-up didn’t changed, the only change that will happen is when the member will enlist for their mandatory military service. Are they there to stay? Maybe, I know one of the members got caught using 90K worth of weed, and if you didn’t know South Korea law about weed is really strict, so not sure what will happen with the group after that.

The fourth group that I mentioned in the post was VIXX, they are signed under Jellyfish Entertainment and they debuted as a six-member group; the line -up change is still pretty recent since the member that had left, Hongbin, left in August 2020. I was a bit surprised when I saw it in the news since I seriously thought the group would continue as six until the end. The reason why I was thinking that it’s probably because of all the work they had made to get where they are now. Their debut wasn’t as strong as EXO or B.A.P, however after a few come back they managed to find their sound and what worked for them to succeed. 

Next on the line was C-Clown and this is an under group that doesn’t exist anymore, the group disbanded in 2015 and I have to say that I wasn’t really surprised; the group never really meet with success, they had a fandom and potential, but if you don’t have a big agency to support you or if the group cannot be set apart from the other  it will not last long and I feel that’s what happened with them.

The last group that I talked about is 100%, I already talk about them more than once on this blog, if you read those post you know how they are doing and while it’s not one of the most popular group, not a lot of people know about them, but I’m quite proud of them after everything that happened and I hope they will continue to work as the team they are now once they will be all back from their military service.

This was the “sequel” post of the post that I wrote as a guest blogger back in 2014 for the Asia 24/7 blog.  

Hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think in the comment section below. 

~ Thank you for Reading ~ 

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