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[Manga]Are You Alice? Vol.2

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It’s been a while I haven’t written any manga post the last one was back in April of last year and I figure it was time to write a new one. So today I gonna give you a post on the second volume of this fantasy Josei that present you a new take on the story written by Lewis Carroll. You can read the post regarding the first volume here.

Are you Alice? volume 2 cover
© Ikumi Katagari

The volume start with 89th Alice having an existential crisis, he is not sure about his purpose in this world, he only know that he need to kill the White Rabbit, but it is only that? What does he need to know for existence to be acknowledge.

Are you Alice? volume 2 scan
© Ikumi Katagari

However all this is a dream and Alice get awaken by an annoyed Mad Hatter who wonder how much time Alice will sleep before he start working to get going in the “game”; when Alice ask him what doe he mean by that, Mad Hatter replies that he need to find the The Mouse.

The duo leaves Mad Hatter’s house and we quickly realize that while Alices are “respected” they are also feared, no one want to have something to do with them, they try to avoid them like the plague and to be honest I get them, since when Alice is around Regrets tend to appear and no one like the Regrets.

Are you Alice? Volume 2 scan
© Ikumi Katagari

This is what happen here, on their way to find The Mouse, the Duc react once again to the present of the 89th Alice and this time the Duchess who is supposed to be Alice substitue cannot do anything about it, the Duc knows she is not the real Alice.

Right before the Duchess get attacked by the Duc, Cheshire Cat protect her and he is the one getting injured and the Mad Hatter doesn’t give a dam about it, it says a lot about their relationship and their role, the Mad Hatter is truly there only to protect the Alices.

The Duchess cannot calm the Duc down, she is not useless, the only option left is to kill the Duc and that is what the Mad Hatter was planning to do but 89th Alice interfere and get eaten by the Duc.

Alice fall down the “body” of the Duc and then awaken is a place that look like the normal world where we meet a young lady that Alice call big sister.

Are you Alice? volume 2 scan
© Ikumi Katagari

Who is she? Is she really his big sister? Look like it with the Alice act, however if she was really his big sister why is she asking to have her name back ? and why the 89th Alice refuse?.

the 89th Alice trip inside the Duc “body” end when the White Rabbit arrive and tell everyone that the 89th Alice is not the real Alice, how can he be the real Alice if it’s not him who brought him in the Wonderland, cause yes it is true that the 89th Alice came in the Wonderland on his own free will.

White Rabbit leave and the Duchess ask the Cheshire Cat to carry the 89th Alice to her house.

There is a lot of information given in this volume, but at the same time not a lot, there is still a lot of question that left to be answered, but one thing is sure is that those who have no role anymore are executed by the Queen.

Something else that we lean is this volume is that the Cheshire Cat have a goal, but we are not quite sure which one it is, the only thing we know is that to achieve this goal he killed the previous, 88th, Alice who is now a regret, according to her she was the closet to be the real Alice since the professor approved her. So why did he killed her? And who is that professor?.

After the second volume, twelve chapter in the story, we are still not sure of what is going on, the story seems as crazy as the world in which it is set, a lot of question and not a lot of answer, the story really progress slowly.

A lot happen in this volume and yet I still have the feeling that we didn’t really advance in the story.

I really wonder what will happen next, what the 89th Alice will do to be able to find The Mouse, the last time we see him he was with the Queen of Heart, also Cheshire Cat killed the 88th Alice and now he want to make a deal with her.

~ Thank you for Reading ~ 

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