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Today we will go over the volume five of the manga series of Moriarty the Patriot, since it’s been a while, maybe you will want a little refresh and go read the post that I wrote back in July 2019

Moriarty the Patriot Volume 5 cover
©Hikaru Miyoshi / Ryosuke Takeuchi

This volume open with continuation of the event happening at the end of the volume four, William and Louis are in a train where they meet Sherlock and Watson who seems the prime subject in a murder case that happen on the train.

Of course William and Sherlock decide to compete and see who will find what happen first, is John really a murder or it’s someone else on the train; the clock is ticking, they have a bit less than an hours to solve the case, it need to be done before they reach the next station which would allowed the murder to escape. Louis is not convinced that William should take part in this, but William replied that someone who would never hurt another human (Watson) was falsely accused and he couldn’t stand on the side and watch and it’s a good thing that he decided to put his nose into it.

Moriarty the Patriot vol5 scan
©Hikaru Miyoshi

Once the train case is solved some times pass and then we meet again the Sherlock sexy big bro, Mycroft Holmes, the Queen asks him to put the MI6 on a case, a really important paper was stolen and it needs to be found at any cost even if it means that people are killed. 

The thief identity is known, Irene Adler, if you are familiar with the work of Arthur Conan Doyle, you know who she is, even if Sherlock go meet Irene and look for the compromising picture we will not have new take on the “A Scandal in Bohemia”, adding Irene Adler to the already big cast is not a bad thing, it might hide some spice to the story since it is rumored that Sherlock might have been in love with her. This is not a Sherlock story, but maybe the author of the manga will take this information and do something interesting with it, we will see.

Moriarty the Patriot volume 5 scan, Irene Alder
©Hikaru Miyoshi – yes from all the picture I could choose I decided to go with this one.

For now the volume on Irene moving in Baker Street since Sherlock and John burned down her apartment, the volumes end on Albert sliding an envelope in Irene blazer. 

I really hope Sherlock stay around, I really enjoy his interaction with William, the latter seems to study him like a laboratory rat, it is also quite amusing when they work together on the same case, everyone around them look so so dumb and Louis is not buying that shit, pretty sure if he could have thrown the famous detective out of the train he would have just out of annoyance. 

Anyway, a quick overview of what happen in the volume five of Moriarty the Patriot, did you read the volume? If yes let me know your thought in the comment section below.

~ Thank you for Reading ~ 

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