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Just to let you know that I didn’t abandoned the blog once again, I was just working on a fanfiction with a deadline. Now the 1st draft is written, I can allow (procrastinate) myself to write a blog post and I decided that it would be about the brand new Sims 4 Stuff Pack, the Paranormal Stuff Pack.

This stuff pack was released on the 26th of January, as you can see it’s still pretty new and God when I saw the trailer for the 1st time I was soooo excited about it; I have to say that for a stuff pack there is a lot of stuff that comes with it and I don’t only talk about the Build & Build or Create – A – Sims item.

But before talking about the new Pack, I want to talk a bit about the patch that came before the Paranormal was released. It wasn’t a big patch like the one we got in December; this new patch was only to add a new buff/moodlet to the game, the Scare moodlet, also a few reaction got change like now, Sims are no longer tense during thunderstorm (if you have season), they should be scared. As I said, not a big patch, but needed for the new Stuff Pack.

Now let’s talk about that new Stuff Pack.

This new pack come with a new lot type, which is the Haunted House lot type and as a lot of feature as seen below.

Before starting to write this post I played and little bit and… they nailed the paranormal activities, like flickering light, baby crying in the night when there is no baby in the house/lot , strange sound, little girl signing, all the good stuff you will found in an haunted house. It’s probably my favorite part of that lot type it gave me some chills down the spine. My least favorite is the last one ” ??????”, but I’ll talk about this one later.

One thing that is worth to mention is the “Be Brave” as it is state, each night spend on the lot give you Satisfaction point (250 I think), you get those point in the morning, but also, when you get 8000 Satisfaction points you can buy the new Sims Trait, the Brave Trait, which will be really useful for the new Freelance Career, the Paranormal Investigator.

There is two way to become a Paranormal Investigator. The first is my maxing the new Medium Skill (5 Level Skill), then speaking to the forever flirty ghost Guidry, he will give you the license to become a Paranormal Investigator. I just started playing the career so I don’t no much about it for now, what I can tell you is that there is three different gigs level.

The Beginner gigs is the easy one, nothing much happen, you need to exorcise the lot, this one is so easy that my sims was able to knit a beanie while waiting for the stuff to happen. Since it’s the easiest, it’s also be the one that pay the less, 750$.

Then we have the Adept one, this is the medium gig, there is a bit more activity than the Beginner level, but it’s still fairly easy, however the curse item appearing are “Stronger” in way where our Sims might be too terrified to approach the item and destroy it, this is when the Brave trait become handy. If you don’t have that trait, just keep the sims busy until they are less scared and then you can destroy it. This gig level pay a bit more, 1500$.

The last one is the Expert level, which is the hard one, I haven’t try it out yet but I saw people playing it and I’m really not looking forward to it, I think I will wait to have the brave trait before getting to it, rather got there once I’m fully prepared. Since it’s the hardest gig, it’s the one that pay the most, 3000$.

Now you don’t have to be Level 5 of the medium skill to be able to become a Paranormal Investigator. If you have 3000 Satisfaction points you can get the license through the Reward Store; however, I still strongly suggest you to be level 5 for two reason. One, once you are level 5 you can draw séance circle anywhere, there is an interaction with the circle that will help you to exorcise the lot (can’t remember which one right now). The second reason is that if you can draw the circle anywhere, this mean you can sommons Bonehilda anywhere.

Bonehilda is a skeleton maid from previous game that is making a comeback in this game, she can be summoned once your sims reach the level 3 of the Medium skill and can be useful during gigs.

Hello Sexy Bonie

Bonehilda is not the only new NPC added to the Sims 4 game, there is two others one. The 1st one, I mentioned him earlier, it’s Guidry, full name Claude René Duplantier Guidry, he is 90% flirty and he is a friendly ghost. If you have any question regarding the paranormal activities, he will be the one who will answer those questions. Also unlike 99.99% of the ghost he will not destroy your house, so no need to repair behind him.

NGL, I was happy to know we can woohoo with him…

The second NPC is ????? also known as Temperance, not a friendly ghost, more like an angry one, she use to be Guidry lover, not too sure what happen. She is always bright red angry and like to destroy your stuff; you can be sure you will have to repair a few stuff while she is there and you might have to remove a few curse objects around your home. It might be useful to have Bonehilda around when Temperance is there, also this lady in red doesn’t like a few thing, like the Bizarre Idol and the Sacred Candle. The Bizzare Idol can be given by Specter (gonna talk about them later) and Sacred Candle can be either bought in the reward store for 500 Satisfaction point or given by Specters.

Angry Lady in Red

Guidry and Temperance are not the only two ghost you will encounter in your haunted house, there is also three type of little ghost called Specter that you will also see floating around the lot. There is the Friendly little green one, The Mysterious Blue one and an Mischievous Red one. The Friendly Specter is usually seen chilling around the lot, floating, they do nothing bad, they are just there. If your sims get close to them, they will have a playful moodlet. The Mystrious is a bit moopey, they float around and if you interact with him you might get sad, the last, Mischievous, are the prankster and a bit hyper, they might seems normal at first but they can make quite scary face.

There are different interaction your sims can have with the Specter, you can simply watch them, you can try to communicated with them, you can also give them homemade object like painting or cooking and if they doesn’t like that you can still give them a part of you soul, but be careful, giving your soul shorten the Sims lifespan.

Enough talk about the ghost, let’s talk a bit about the medium skill before going over the Build&Buy and CAS Item.

As I said the Medium skill is a new skill that comes with the new stuff pack, it is a 5 level skill that is pretty easy to grind; I reached the level 5 in two days. You level up the skill with the séance table, at first you only have a few interactions but as you gain more skill, more interactions become available. Starting at level 2 you can do group séance (max of 4 sims at the time), level 3 allow you to summons Bonehilda, Level 4 You can have the Gastly Ritual and 5 you can draw circle anywhere. With the Gastly Ritual, I learn that ghost choose to be asshole by breaking your stuff. They have the option to repair or break so of course the break but let you repair…jerk. Also be careful with the ritual, it doesn’t always end up well.

Everything is fineeeee
Maybe not

If leveling up is fast, make sure to keep an eyes on your Sims energy need, using the séance table drain your Sims energy faster, however the need decay slower once the skill is maxed. Also it is important to note that there is a cooldown of 4 hrs for some interaction like the Ceremony and the Gastly Ritual.

Enough about game play, now we will talk about the new item that comes with this pack .

While I really enjoyed the new game platy element this pack brought, I was the most excited about the item. I love to play with my sims life, but I love to build to and God the item coming with this pack are amazing.

Note before starting, I will not post all the picture of the item, instead I put everything on Pinterest and made a board that you can find below, I tried to organize it in the order I would talk about it, but Pinterest said screw the order I post it the way I want it. There is 30 something picture, Have fun.

With this pack come a new wooden floor with a interesting design and texture, it doesn’t look flat and boring. I really like the choice of swatches, three wood tone, one white, one black and the other are color, not ultra bright color like we are use to see in the Sims, they are more muted, my favorite are probably the light wood, grey and red one, might also use the black one too.

There is also new wallpaper and like for the flooring the design is nice and the color are great two. It would not use it in every build, but it would be awesome in Victorian mansion. I really like the swatch in which it come.

If the build item are great, the item are awesome. We don’t have item in every categories, but it’s okay, it’s a stuff pack after all, there is already enough stuff coming in it.

This pack comes with a new couch, new loveseat, two new arms chair and a dining chair for the comfort category. Putting aside the dining chair all the living room item can fit together even if they have a different design. The couch look more modern but it still fit with the more old (design wise) loveseat, all depend of the swatch you pick.

I love how pretty much everything fit together, the item made of metal have all the same swatches, so you can me them fit together, nothing clash, there is some bright color, but it’s not ultra bright color, like the new desk have a pink swatch, but not a neo hot pink, it’s more light, I think the brightest color is the turquoise, but again it doesn’t hurt the eyes.

The mini cowplant can also be named

With this new pack come a new item which is the séance table, it was the same size as the small round dining table and four sims can sit around it. You can either buy all the item to make the séance set separately but you can also find it all together in the catalogue. Any dining chair can be use, but of course if you want everything to match together you can go for the dining chair that come in the pack. Since all the item can be bought separately, you can still choose the swatch you want even if you buy the complete set of the catalogue.

The last regular item I will talk about some of the frames, not the set of frame but this frames below.

The only reason why I feel like talking about them it’s cause I didn’t put all the swatch for all of them. It’s two images of Guidry and the house is Temperance house, it’s three different images, the image doesn’t change with the swatch, only the frame, and despite how the picture look above they all have the same swatches, blame the game lighting if it doesn’t look the same.

I’m almost done with the Build & Buy items, just wanna say a few word about the Debug item, but before I think I never talk about the debug item on the blog so here a quite explanation.

The debug item are item you see in the world but that can’t be bought through the catalogue. like all the other item, you gain them through the game play. You can also find item like background house or waterfall in the debug item.

The way to access all of them is simple.
– Open the cheat panel with by pressing ctrl + shift + C
– Type : testingcheats ON
– bb.showhiddenobjects
– bb.showliveeditobjects
Now you can close back the cheat panel by pressing ctrl + C gain

And this is the item you will be able to find in the debug catalogue when you filter

Little warning, some of these item cannot be deleted once place, they can only be deleted in the live (like in give, if you don’t get it it’s ok) mode. This apply to all the hand with the glowy slime, one of the creepy doll and of the of purple/red vine. So think twice before placing any of that.

We talk about the game play, and the Build & Buy item, only one thing remains and it’s the Create-a-Sims item.

All the new hair can go for both male and female starting at teen, it’s mostly teen and up, there is only one set for child, the swatches for all of them are fun, there is pattern that can be found on different pieces of clothing. Some of the item can be where like a set.

I really like most of the clothing piece, I can tell you I might use them often, some female piece give a teen vibe and there is not enough clothing that vibe that vibe, so I’m quite happy about it.

One last note and I’m done after that, I didn’t took screenshot of it, but there is a pre-build house coming with this pack, it was build by one of the EA game changer. When you will open the game the 1st time after installing the new pack it will ask you if you want to build it now. If you say no you can still find it in the gallery. It’s a nice house I would suggest you to give it a look.

Now I’m really done or almost only the conclusion is left.

The Paranormal Stuff Pack is a great pack, for a stuff pack there is a lot of feature and game play, it almost feel like a Game Pack. Of course, it’s not for everyone, you might not enjoy it if you don’t like the occult stuff, this is why the fact that it’s a lot type and it need to be set as Haunted Lot is great, so if you want to use only the “normal” item and don’t wanna deal with the ghost and all the paranormal activity you can. Obviously if you do that, maybe wait for it to be on sale. Depending of where you are in the world the price very between 10$ and 15$. If you plan to use all the feature of this stuff pack it is worth the price, I had a lot of fun testing it , but if you get it only for the build item, wait for it to be on sale.

Now if you ask me if I like the pack I will tell you that I absolutely love it, definitely one of my favorite Stuff Pack with Tiny Living.

This was my overview for the new Sims 4Paranormal Stuff Pack, it’s more detailed compared to the two previous one, I was wondering if you prefer like this or like the one I already posted, let me know in the comment below.

Also, let me know which other pack you would like to see an overview on.

~ Thank you for Reading ~ 

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