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In today’s post, I will share with you my favorite male Korean soloist; I thought I had already post about it, but since I failed to find the post, I must have done it in a dream.

10th Position – The One.

Like many singer on this list, I discovered The One on the musical variety show, Immortal Song, I felt in love with his voice the 1st time I heard him.

9th Position – Shin SeungHun

Another one that I discover on Immortal Son, but he wasn’t a contestant, has the guess signer, I teared up the 1st time I heard him singer the original version.

8th Position – Hong KyungMin

Yes, heard about him for the first time when he was contestant on Immortal Song, it’s not the first time I talk about it, you can read the post I wrote on Hong Kyung Min here.

7th Position – K.Will

I came across K.Will cause of this M/V, it make same wave when it was release, if you want to know why, you will have to watch it. After I dug his discography and I ended up ordering a few ablum.

6th Position – Shin YongJae

I know, I know I said soloist and Shin Yong Jae is part of the ballad group 4MEN, but I can’t remember the last time they had a comeback, so I decide to make an exception here (it’s not the only one), cause I truly love his voice and I feel that he deliver more as a soloist.

5th Position – Xia Junsu

Xia Junsu is the other exception and I wonder if it’s really is since JYJ is pretty much “dead” with all the shit one of the member did. Xia is a very versatile singer, he can do pretty much any genre, but he is at his best when he do ballad or more pop song

Just note that starting from the 4th position, I discovered all the singer through Immortal Song.

4th Position – Lee SeJoon

Yes I did discover him on Immortal Song and I will forever be thankful for the show to inviting him alone without the second half of Yurisangja, it’s not that I don’t like the group as a whole, it’s just that I found Lee Sejoon voice more appealing when he sing in solo.

3rd Position – Kim Feel

I could have take a song from one of his album, but I’m always amazed by his Immortal Son performance. You can read the post I wrote on him here.

2nd Position – Kim Yong Jin

He use to be part of a band named Bohemian, when he 1st start appearing on Immortal Song, it was always written his name and Bohemian next to it, now he is know as Kim YongJin alone and I’m really happy for that, the guy work hard to get there and being known by his name alone is amazing.

1st Position – Hwang Chiyeul

Hwang Chiyeul, I wrote a post about him here, the reason why he is in the 1st position is cause I not only absolutely love his love, but I also have huge crush on the guy himself, I just love him, he put a smile on my face when I watch variety with him.

This was my top 10 favorite male soloist, hope you enjoy. Do you have any soloist you like more than an other? Let me know in the comment section below.

~ Thank you for Reading ~ 

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