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Sims Saturday | Spotlight on Sims Content Creator

Hello Everyone!
Hope you are all doing well today!

Like every community, the Sims also has their own content creator, they can be youtuber, blogger and some create extra content to put in your game like Custom Content (CC) creator and modder. I already talk about the mod that I was using in my game a few weeks ago and I will talk about CC creator in a future post, therefore today I will talk about my favorite youtuber or SimsTuber and Sims blogger.

I wanna start about the sims blogger cause they are often forgotten, left in the dark, some are on WordPress, other are on Blogger and some are on Tumblr; we call the Simmer (name give to the Sims player) on the Sims community of Tumblr, Simblr and they are the one I follow mainly cause of type of content they produce which is like graphic story; they will post a series of picture and add conversation to it.

One of my favorite is Another Plumbob also knows as Puck, a 30 something spanish guy with one of the most loveable legacy family, the Lacey.

I binge-read his legacy let’s play from Generation 1 up to the most recent which is Generation 6 and I have to say that I came to care a lot about those sims that aren’t mine to the point where I tear up if one die.

Puck doesn’t only have his Lacey Legacy, he also recreated in the Sims 4 a Neighborhood from the Sims 2, Pleasantview as a savefile that can be downloaded.

Puck is not the only Simmer that I follow from the Simblr community, there is also Aby and her Polaris Legacy, the 2nd generation just started and God I love the imagination this girl have.

One that I haven’t had time to check but will in a near future is Ophelia Nygmos, she is the creator of the Swans Legacy, the main reason why I want to check her content out is cause her legacy family is linked to the Lacey’ I saw one side of the family tree now I want to see the other side.

I follow more Simstuber and Simsblogger, they are the most visible part of the Sims community and some of the are even EA Game Changer.

The first one I want to talk about is KamilaYTB, she is a small creator of around 2K subscriber on Youtube, it sound a lot, but in the Sims community it’s not that much, I know her channel will grow bigger with time her content which is for now only speed build (time lapse video) are awesome, she is really creative with her build without using any mod, you can also found her on Instagram where she will post reel quite often.

One of the most amazing Sims 4 builder is KateEmerald, I’m speechless each time I see a new build from her, if you want to have an idea of how to use the T.O.O.L mode that i mention in the Mod post, you need to watch her video, she don’t only post speed build but also very useful tutorial.

Speaking of amazing builder, you should totally give a look to the amazing Sati Sim and her incredible fantasy build, she also like to recreate in the sims world various building saw in movie or series, like Arendelle castle from Frozen. She is currently working on recreating the Hyrule castle in the Sims world, I saw picture and it’s gonna be epic.

If you are looking for a Sims content creator that is really entertaining to watch, I would strongly suggest you to give a look to Plumbella channel. I love how she just doesn’t give a damn and is not scare to voice her opinion about something.; you can be sure to always have real honest opinion about the new Sims pack.

The three last Sims content creator I will talk about are three Game Changer and if you bought the latest Expension Pack, Snowy Escape, you have their build in you game since the are the one who build the lot (they are in fact four, but I didn’t watch enough of her video to say what I like about this Simmer)

The first is lilsimsie…where to start channel have a lot of different type of video, you can find speed build, dump challenge and let’s play, in fact you can find pretty much anything you need just on her channel; once in a blue moon you can even have custom content video when she found something new. There is also reaction video to sims trailer and a lot more stuff. I always get excited when she post something new cause I never know what it would be. Plus she doesn’t take herself seriously.

The other is James Turner who use to be known as the Sims Supply, he is the first SimsTuber that I watched and I learn a lot of building trick while watching him. He is a builder and he also have one Let’s play which is the Rags to Riches challenge that he started back when Get to Work was release and it still going on.

The last one is Deligracy, like lilsimsie and James, Deli does a bit of everything, on her channel you can find Let’s Play, build video and pack review, she is also a big support of the Customer Content creator for the Sims game, therefore you can be sure she will talk about the awesome new CC she found; Deli actually team up twice with Grimcookie to make two set of CC, but can be downloaded for free from her website.

I could have name a lot more of Sims content creator, like MsGryphi and her cute little build or PugOwed who is well know for her amazing pets, like for real she did an amazing Scooby Doo. I discover new ones every day and all of them have amazing idea when it come to build or new let’s play/challenge.

Sims really allow one to get creative and when a group of talent content creator get together it can make magical thing, like that group who recreate the Harry Potter world in the sims.

If you like the Sims and you are looking for inspiration or just want to see what the other those, I would suggest you to look up the content creator from this post, you might find what you are looking for.

This some of the content creator that I enjoy, hope you like it.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

~ Thank you for Reading ~ 

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