Hello Everyone!!
Hope you are all doing well.

This is a bit of a surprise post, really didn’t planned to write anything, but I figure that I could at least tell you that I am still alive.

As the title suggest, in this post we will be looking back at what happen in Mel’s Universe in 2021 and we will look at what the future as for the blog in 2022.

First of all, I wanna thanks all my follower to sticking with me even if I didn’t post much this year, only 21 post and around 14K words published. Back in 2021 when I change my blog I really thought that it will give me some kind of motivation to write more, but it didn’t. I know that if we look at number it give an average of two post per months which is kind of decent I think… I think. Also 14K word is not that bad (even if I wrote 70K word in fanfic) . However if I look at the calendar almost only post in January and February and then a random post in June (favorite post, you should read it if you didn’t yet, since I’m nice here the link) Anyway thanks everyone who are still there.

As I already mention I did wrote a few post in 2021, the one that I link in the paragraph above is really close to my heart. As for the other it’s either about Korean Music and The Sims 4, there is also a few post about manga and of course at least one post about a handsome 2D boys ( it wouldn’t be me it there wasn’t). So this is pretty much what 2021 was for Mel’s Universe (good thing that I remove the word anime from the name cause I didn’t talk about anime much.)

Now what 2022 has in reserve for the blog? I will be frank with you, I seriously don’t know, I would really like to give you a real answer but I just can’t, the only think I know is that it might take some time before I wrote anything about an anime series. I haven’t watch anything in a long time and I don’t know what I will; there is a bunch of series I want to watch, but I don’t have time…wait no I have time but I do something else instead. The day I will have a second screen maybe I will be going back in watching anime series, but for now reading it’s way easier for me and even there I still don’t write anything, so don’t get your hope to high in 2022 regarding that.

If I write any post it will most certainly about The Sims 4 since it’s taking most of my time. I actually have a few post in mind, I just have to sit and write them which is the hardest since I get distracted really easily by a certain green plumbob icon. I will get them out one day, just not sure which day.

State it a few time, the blog is going nowhere, the worst thing that could happen is getting all dusty, I will just have to dust it off a little that all.

Anyway that all for me, I wish you all to have a great day!!

9 thoughts on “Looking Back at 2021 and What 2022 Has for Mel’s Universe

  1. Ahhhh, I love that you still kept writing!!! That’s so many words omg I also sort of was in fanfic hell most of 2021, hardly watched anime or read books, just me my blanket and AO3 😂 wish I’d written more stories than i did but ah well, i enjoy reading them more lol whenever you’re feeling like coming back, we’ll be here 🥰

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  2. Sometimes it’s like that with blogging. I actually attempted to cut back a bit myself, with mixed results lol. But it’s good to see that you’re around and popping back on when you can. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year!

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