Hello everyone!! Surprises here a post.

Today we will talk about The Sims 4 Kits, you don’t know what a Kits is? Well keep reading, I promise you it will be fun…or not

Before anything I thing I need to explain the difference between the different Sims 4 pack; they are all paid DLC but they don’t all bring the same thing to the game. Some bring more than other.

First we have the Expansion Pack (EP) they are the pack that contain the most. They include game play, Create-A-Sims (CAS) item and Build&Buy (BB) item. Often time they will come with a new world, new careers and new premade townies. EP are really the DLC that will bring the most to your game. They are around 60$CAD (40USD).

An example of EP is Cats & Dogs which brought the pets (cat and dog) a brand new world (Brindleton Bay) and a new career, the veterinary career which allow you to run your own clinic.

Then we have the Game Pack (GP) They are similar to the EP, but smaller. They will bring more game play to the game and might give you a new world. They also contain CAS and BB item, but not as much as a EP. They are usually really specific. They are 26 CAD (20USD)

An example of GP is Jungle Adventure which give the player a new vacation world, Selvadorada.

Then we have the Stuff Pack (SP) they are smaller than the GP, they usually had a bit of CAS and BB item and some game play, but not much, at least that’s how it was in the beginning. The last three SP really step up the game. Tiny Living, Nifty Knitting and Paranormal were amazing SP and Simmer (sims player) really wish to have more SP like those, myself included. They are 13,50CAD (10USD)

However, since we can’t have nice thing, EA decide to release a new type of pack…The Kit. They are small DLC, really really small and they focus only on one thing. The Kit will either be about game play (and some BB if needed), Build&Buy item or Create-A-Sims item), they are not targeted to every Simmer.

When they first introduced it, I wasn’t sure about the idea behind the kit and I’m still not sure about them. So far there none of the Kit gave me the “must have in my game” feeling. I did buy pretty much all of them cause having more content in the game is fun, but I still feel like it’s just a new way for EA to take our money without doing much for the game, which is sad.

Not only Kit doesn’t really included much, but they are also expensive for what they are. One Kit is 7$ CAD (5USD). Sorry but paying 7$ for a hand full of item it hurt and I will certainly not buy all the kit, I even regret buy some of them, like the Bust the Dust kit…it’s the only game play kit and I turned off all the feature from it cause it was annoying af. I don’t need my sims to sniff the air each time they get on a new floor, that’s ridiculous.

So their first and only game play kit was buggy and they had to revisit it and made change to it, sometime I really wonder if they make any real test before releasing something. I can understand if a EP and GP had bug since they are much bigger, but a kit with like 5 item in them???? It doesn’t make any sense.

My final thought about the Kit are that they are not something that should exist and all the item that was but into them could have be put into past EP or GOP ( heck even SP) or future pack, but not kit. I know they are there to stay and I will obviously still buy some of them, but only the one that I feel like actually had stuff the game is lacking like pant or industrial item.

That being said, now I want to know what those of you who is also playing the sims think about the kit. Let me know in the comment below!

I wish you all to have a nice day

~Thank you for reading~

2 thoughts on “Sims Saturday | The Opinion No One Asked on the Kits

  1. I don’t have anything meaningful to add here but…

    “I don’t need my sims to sniff the air each time they get on a new floor”
    Lol! That made me laugh. I can just imagine how stupid the sims look doing that over and over.

    Liked by 1 person

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