Hi Everyone!

The last time I touched this page was a little bit less than two years ago and I think it’s now time to revamp that page, there is a lot of information on it that are outdated and I feel like adding some.

Who is Mel?

First, my name…my real name is Melinda but people know me under the name of Mel (Mel in Anime Land), I’m born in 1982 which probably make me old enough to be the big sister of a lot of you (which explain why I tend to worry about people younger than me) and I’m leaving in Canada, province of Quebec. I have a dog called Dobby (like the house elf,  fun fact my dog love to steal socks…I guess he dream to be free). I also have a younger sister who have a moderate interest in anime and manga (I lend/gave her some of my manga collection but she haven’t finished any of them yet, however I know she like Fruits Basket and enjoyed watching Cardcaptor Sakura when it aired on the french television)

Dobby the Shih Tzu


Mel’s Anime/Manga History

Anime and Manga always been part of my life at some point, when I was younger there was anime airing on the TV, however at the time I didn’t knew it was anime, time pass I grew up and I distance myself from the medium, not cause of the lack of interest but cause we didn’t had as much choice as now. Then I join a anime community, Advanced Anime, don’t look for it the website is now close) and I start reading manga. At the time, one of my favorite was Detective Conan (I still buy the manga), after some times, while I was still reading manga, I wasn’t interested to look in anime series, my interest was somewhere else and I was deeply into it (gonna talk about it later)

A few months before Advanced Anime “die” I became co-admin for the website Tumblr page where we mostly post picture, having to take care of a Tumblr blog featuring anime and manga content, reignite my love for the anime manga (mostly anime since I never really stopped reading manga). Since I was posting/reblogging picture of anime character, I thought it would be a good idea to add some new series to my short list, then came my Crunchyroll subscription that just make me discover a lot of new anime, more title that I have time to watch (one day I will clear that Queue) and I eventually decide to share with everyone my thought about the anime and manga I read and fangirl over 2D characters.

Right now my favorite(s) anime series are Psycho-Pass, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, K-Project, Kuroko’s Basketball and My Hero Academia.

For manga, it’s Seraph of the End, Gangsta. and My Hero Academia

What Else Does Mel Like?

The reason why I stepped away from Anime was an other product of the Asian continent, K-Music. First it was K-Pop and then I discover other artist which is why I say I’m listening to K-music, cause between you and me Epik High and Kim Feel do not produce “idolish” music like Twice or Infinite. While I listen to K-Music less often now (anime music all day everyday…) I still enjoy my favorite group and I like discovering new soloist/band and group.

Other than Anime/Manga and K-Music, I like to read and learn knew stuff even if it’s unconventional like the Freemason, Templar or Serial Killer. I also always love History and Geography (if I ever win a really big amount of money I will leave for a year and travel around the world, mostly the older continent like Europe and Asia). For TV show, I like to watch paranormal stuff or thing on the Discovery or National Geography channel. I’m not a big movie consummer, but I do have some favorite movie like Lord of the Ring and horror movie like The Conjuration. As for novel/fiction my favorite author his a french author name Maxime Chattam (if you can read french I highly suggest you his book, he read thriller and fantasy)

Mel’s Blogging History

When I was deep down in the K-entertainment world I had a WordPress blog, I kept it for for some years, but when I stepped away from the K-music, I just -stupidly- deleted everything (useless to say that now I really regret it). When I became co-admin (no gonna lie, now I have the feeling I’m pretty much alone taking care of it, thus why I tend to forgot to add picture in the queue), I wanted to blog again, wanted to share with the world more than just picture and I quickly realize that Tumblr wasn’t the right platform to do that and I remember that I liked using WordPress. However since I deleted my previous blog, I had to start fresh and I made sure to use the wp-admin since the “upgraded” version drive me crazy (why fixing something that wasn’t broken)

So now I’m back to the blogging world and looking at now the thing goes, I’m not ready to leave my happy Anime Land.

What Blogging Brought Me?

I really don’t regret coming back, really not, I made great friend, and I trust some of them more than I trust people I know in real life, I met my blogger best friend, Zel, through the blogger sphere and I will forever be thankful for that. I also join a really cool group, OWLS which stand for Otaku Warrior for Liberty and Self – Respect.

It’s a group of blogger and vlogger who promote the acceptance of everyone regardless their religion, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or disabilities. Each month with have a prompt and with the help of the pop-culture we explore the topic. You can read more about OWLS here.

I know that like all fandom, the anime and manga fandom have a dark part a toxic part , but I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by wonderful and respectful blog.


If you want to know more about me, you can read the following post (I might had more link in the future so keep an eyes on that)

You can also click here (or on the picture below), which will lead you to a very special page. When I reached 300 followers, I decide to make something I haven’t seen so far which is ask people what they think about me.

Hope you will enjoy your stay in my little Anime Land

About the various post you fill found here

Each Monday, I will share a song with you that I like, it can be either an opening, an ending, an insert song or a character song. It also can be K-music and maybe one day I will share with you some French track.

This series of post will be occasional. There was a time were I was reading more manga than I watched anime, but it’s not the case anymore. On tuesday night (11 pm EST) I will also feature doujinshi that I like, little warning most of them will be rated 18+.

If you remember, when I first start my blog, Monday I use to post about my favorite male character, now it will be post on Wednesday, everything related to cute and hot men will be post on Wednesday, of course this exclude all collaboration post.

The Thursday are reserved for the OWLS post and special post like the TBT with Mel.

On Friday, I will post K-entertainment related stuff, Fan Fiction (11pm EST)

You will be able to read the anime/movie/live-action that I – pretend – to review on Saturday, I will also try to publish the post series “Mel is Watching” on saturday

If you missed anything during the week cause you didn’t have access to WordPress, don’t worry I have your back cause on Sunday I will post a weekly round-up which will contain the posts I published during the week along with post from other bloggers.

The Other
All the other post I will make will fall under this category. Can be published pretty anytime in the week, mostly soon after I finished writing/editing them.

About Spoiler
To tell the truth, I don’t really care about them, that probably one of the reason why I don’t mind including them in my post. Since each of my post might contain spoiler, all of them gonna have a warning at the top of the page. Sometimes there is no spoilers, but since I’m writing along with my inspiration, rather put it just in case, I never really know what I will write in the post. I know it might stop a lot of people of reading my blog, but I rather do that than hear people complaining about the spoiler. Don’t like spoiler so don’t read, simple as that.

Since I founded all those text pretty boring I decide to give you some GIF to embellish it.