Mel’s Second Neat Blog Award – Excellency at its Finest

A few days ago I got the pleasant surprise to receive a second Neat award, this time it’s the sweet Arthifis who nominated me. For someone who like me can lack of confidence, this give me a good boost. Thank you for the nomination, remember to check out his cool blog, if you don’t give it a look I will hunt you in your dream.

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Blogger Appreciation Award…I Should Learn to Appreciate Myself More Maybe

I really had to think a lot about this award, the sweet Irina even message me on Twitter telling me that if I didn’t feel comfortable (that show you how sweet she is) I could just skip it.I told her that I will do it, I just need time to think about what I would.
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Mel’s 1st and 2nd Liebster Award

Not one but two nomination for the Liebster award, I need to thanks Karandi from 100 Word Anime and Moyatori from The Moyatorium for that, thank you for your nomination it’s really appreciated. If you are looking from great review you really need to give a look at Karandi blog, it’s like one of those blog you can’t miss, not only they have interesting review but also top list about various topic and other great content..check out the blog. About Moyatori they are relatively new, but they already provide interesting post to the anime community, so you should totally pay their blog a little visit.

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