Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World… | Week 17 Day 33

Hello Everyone!
Welcome back to an other day of the Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World. We are now that the 17th weeks and 33rd days and you know what next week will be the last week!

But before getting to the ultimate days we gotta give a look at what we gonna talk with you today. The prompt of this 33rd is our favorite male from a manga. Now the main idea was to share a character from a manga that’s doesn’t have an anime adaptation yet, however I realized there is a lot of manga that was adapted so if your pick come from a manga that also have an anime adaptation, it’s okay.

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Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World… | Week 15 Day 29

Hi Everyone!!
Welcome back to another edition of Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World, we are now at the 15th weeks of this challenge where Arth and I share with you our favorite anime or manga male character.

Today we will share with you the male character from a Magical Girl anime that we really like

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Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World… | Week 14 Day 27

Hi everyone!
It’s friday and you know what this mean right?
It is time for Arthis and me to share with you some of your favorite character.

This week on my blog we will present you main male character for a series and this mean that we have a lot of option…like A LOT of option, however my mind was already set on one particular character.

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Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World… | Week 11 Day 21

Hi everyone!!
Hope you are all going good! Cause it’s Friday and that’s mean you will have you daily dose of anime boy !

After sharing with you last week our favorite character with white, silver or gray hair, we are back with something really colorful Orange!!

I realize that Orange could be a tricky color, cause there is not a lot of character with bright orange hair, most of the character that I thought had orange hair had in fact chestnut hair so I rule them out and pick the one that have one of the most vibrant orange, the one with a personality that perfectly match his hair color

Hinata Shouyou from Haikyuu!!

His enthusiasm is contagious, when I see him all excited, I just can’t stop smiling like an idiot. His enthusiasm equal his determination. He knows what he want. He knows he can do thing that people think he can’t do. He always push himself to fly higher and higher.

Hinata such a cheerful idiot, but not idiot in a bad way, idiot in a cute way. That kid is so precious, his smile worth millions and he need to be protected. he really have a bright personality that goes well with his hair color.

Now it’s the turn to Arthis to share with us his favorite character with orange hair


Arooo everyone! It seems that, yet again, Mel and I chose the same character ahah ~So, yeah, my pick for today is also:

Hinata Shouyou from Haikyuu!!!

hinata cute.gif

This time it’s really only the looks I am going for! I have a Pinterest and, in there, there is a private album with only Anime boys pics in there… One day my boyfriend (who has permission to see that album) came to me and say “You really like Hinata don’t you?” and I answered “Who?” xD Well, afterwards he showed me and it’s completely true, Hinata really has a spotlight in there!

Hinata cute 2.gif

So, yeah, my pick is only because of his looks! I don’t know why since he doesn’t really enter my type, he seems a little bit young… However, he is just one of the cutest things ever! So yeah, I love his hairdo and he’s just so cute that he had to enter this list even though I don’t know anything about his personality xD

Hinata funny.gif

I know, not the best reason to pick someone, but hey! If Mel also picked him I know I made a right choice! 😀


So I guess we have a tie here and that’s mean Arthis and me are winner YAY!!!

You don’t have to vote, but you can still share with us your favorite orange haired male anime character while waiting for Arthis post to go up!!

~ Thank you for Reading ~

Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World… | Week 10 Day 19

Hi Everyone!!
Welcome back to a new edition of Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime, during the past few week we share with you our favorite character with colorful hair like Red, Blue and Purple, today we gonna share with you our favorite white-haired male character.

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Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World… | Week 9 Day 17

Hi Everyone hope you all had a nice week, we are now Friday and this mean it’s time for our weekly dose of hote and cutie man inhabiting the anime world.

For day 17th, Arthis and me will share with you our favorite male character with green hair

I was debating between two and I finally stop me choice on the more precious of the two, the inspiring

Midoriya Izuku from My Hero Academia


Midoriya is to innocent and precious for this world, I don’t know a lot of character who would apologize to a construction site just cause he damaged it while fighting. We seriously don’t deserving that cutie pie. His smile is one of the most beautiful thing existing in the anime world. Midoriya need to be protected at all cost!!

©Horikoshi Kouhei

However Midoriya (I always like when part of a character name have the hair color in it) might be really precious, but he is also really determined. He doesn’t give up, as long as he can hope he will be able to go forward in life. Even when he was a poor quirkless kid, he was still doing his possible to help people in needed, in was stronger than him he had to help.

We desire to help is so strong that he can bring people toward him, he also can bring our the best of his schoolmate with sheer determination

This was my pick for this week now let’s take a look at Arthis choice!!


Hello everyone! Arthis here!!! 😀 It seems that you picked the one I thought you would Mel xD Probably I’m starting to get to know you well when it comes to what you like in boys 😛

Now, for me, green hair was a difficult task, probably as much the purple one. In this case I think the problem was that I don’t really like green as a color, not because there are few male characters with green hair. This way I went into one of the Animes I’ve watched long, long ago and chose:

Hihara Kazuki from La Corda Doro


La Corda Doro is not as popular as My Hero Academia and he’s not as cute as Midoriya. However, he is also a truly fine men to have! First of all, when it comes to looks you already can see that he is my type. First he has that hair cut that I love, then he looks young (but not too young) and then he is athletic.

But, there is more! Contrary to any other character until now (I think… I already can’t remember all of the 16 guys I’ve picked already) he is a musician. Since I am a musician… Well, you can understand why he picks me my interest even more. In Hihara case, he is a trumpeter!


When it comes to his personality he is a very cheerful and enthusiastic person! I love those kind of guys and that’s probably why I ended up with my boyfriend since he is the same way. I’m normally a really gloom and serious person, so having someone who has energy to give and sell always attracted me. More than that, he is also really kind and he’s always cheering up Kahoko, the main female character. He is one of those guys that are always with a smile in their face and just makes you want to befriend them instantly!

hihara kazuki cute.gif

That’s it for my pick of today! I know, the Anime is not one of the most popular and you probably don’t even know him… But, hey it’s a great time for you to start watching it and as myself fall in love for him! 😀

hiahara kazuki cute


This was Arthis and mine pick for cuties with Green hair, while waiting for our pink-haired favorite, comment below your favorite green-haired male character !!

And don’t forget to vote!!

~ Thank you for Reading ~